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Wirecard from Bankruptcy for months, “cleared out” – economy

The Writing, the Wirecard insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé on Friday afternoon sent to staff, is a reckoning with the old Management. The group had been cleared “in the months prior to the insolvency empty,” says Jaffé. Cleared, this means that Former Managers have systematically managed to set aside money. So clearly no one has yet said dealing with the enlightenment and the clean-up work in the prior four months, previous bankrupt, the payment service provider.

Jaffé mentions in his letter, not name, but whom the allegation is aimed primarily, is according to information from Wirecard circles completely clear: on the submerged Ex-the Board, Jan Marsalek and its environment. Marsalek has deposed four months ago, via Austria to Belarus, where his trace is lost. He should stay in Russia. It looks like he wants to hide for the Rest of his life. Who wants to organize a decades-long Exodus and Finance, Marsalek is only 40, is in need of money. A great deal of money.

To have the submerged Manager with the help of Familiar with Wirecard procured. In the circles of investigators, accountants and lawyers, the Wirecard by the light, rivers of numerous suspects Money, especially by the end of 2019 to be Broke by the middle of 2020 the speech. This is especially true for high loans, the business partners were granted in Asia, and the add up to far more than half a billion euros.

Sale of Wirecard North America brings the necessary money

Appropriate evidence had SZ already at the beginning of August reported. Now the insolvency administrator is talking plain-text. At the same time, Jaffé, in his circular letter announces that the sale of the core business of Wirecard should be done soon. “At the latest in November is expected to have a decision,” the bring to the workers the desired clarity. The tests by the two interested parties were far advanced, the system was “now in the decision phase”. The two remaining candidates, whose names Jaffé not called, are the Spanish Bank Santander and the British mobile phone company Lycamobile.

This week the insolvency administrator to sell the group’s offshoot, Wirecard North America for more than 300 million euros. A lot of money for the first time in the previously empty group Fund. In his letter to the staff Jaffé writes: “As you know”, started the bankruptcy proceedings “without any kind of liquidity”. The reason is that Wirecard had been vacated by “empty”.

The revenues from the sale of the business in North America make it easier for the insolvency administrator, according to information from business circles are now also an awareness of the dubious money flows. This is, among other things, the law firm Gleiss Lutz is concerned. Gleiss Lutz to examine the person against whom the Wirecard which claims. Such investigations and subsequent court proceedings are expensive.

“Now that we have the appropriate resources to carry them out”, it means from business circles. The sales revenue for the North America business were of “crucial milestone”. Jaffé around the world after the company and account search, to as much money as possible back. In Marsalek, however, is likely to be, as long as this is not taken in vain. The submerged Ex-Board of management had insisted during his time at Wirecard again and again, all there is to go with the right things.

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