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Were test checks for down comforters and recommends to prefer a synthetic blanket for 20 Euro

Not only is a good
Were test checks for down comforters and recommends to prefer a synthetic blanket for 20 Euro

The right ceiling is an important Element for a restful sleep (the Icon)

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Down comforters are warm, cozy and pretty expensive. In a recent comparison of the Stiftung Warentest could convince any of the ten Cover. Quite different than the synthetic variants.

It is the classic cover under the bed: soft fluff feathers, the promise of down comforters, a cozy, breathable and warm sleeping experience. And costs accordingly. However, the ten in the current comparison of the tested Ceilings between 100 and 450 Euro could not convince Stiftung Warentest: Not a single one is good. The purchase of tip is therefore much cheaper.

No down convinced

The Cover sections are all so bad, is mainly due to the poorer durability. The Down and a maximum of ten per cent real springs must also remain after a Thousand bumps properly in their chambers, found Foundation goods test. But that was not the case: Under stress they penetrated to the outside. This also has to prick an impact on the sleeping comfort: spring wedges, finally, uncomfortable.

The second big pitfall is the Wash: Every second ceiling suffered from the washing machine, contracted or distributed during the washing process, the filling. In the worst case, both. That the animal has not been well observed in the production cross-test field very well, sinking the test box permanently. Particularly hard hit is the model of Otto: Although the “My Home Goose Down Duvet Premium Tim“one of the few Blankets with a good night’s sleep characteristics. However, because the country of origin not convince information and the Down-spread so much that the ceiling parts are virtually empty, were to evaluate test – and sent the blanket with the result of “Deficient” (4,5) to the last place.

Good Alternative for 20 Euro

The clear recommendation of the goods tester: models from an older Test. Last autumn, we had tested Cover made of synthetic and natural hairs, which are, as before, to get. They are also much gentler on the wallet. The Synthetic Ceiling “Meradiso Duo Quilted Bed Polygiene“from Lidl, the Tester was not able to convince completely, because of the mediocre breathability. In the case of the durability and the Declaration of the used materials, as well as the size and weight you could points. That was enough for an overall grade of “good” (2.4) and, hence, for the test victory. Not bad when you consider that the ceiling costs only 20 Euro.

Those who prefer nature, which the Stiftung Warentest recommends the second test, the winner from the last year’s comparison. The “Camel Hair Blanket Nature Classic 342 Brilliant Duo“bill Beck activity convinces with highly breathable, very good cosiness behavior and good durability. In the Declaration, but there are deductions: The side length of 135 to 140 centimeters was the test to be inaccurate. The “good” (2,4) quality but has its price: The ceiling is from 140 Euro to go up in Oversize with 220 centimeters in length but up to 200 Euro. In comparison to the goose down duvets but this is still relatively cheap.

This down you can buy

It’s supposed to be down, were recommended test only two models. The “Traumina coffered ceiling WK4 Cube down“(2nd place) and the “Allnatura Down zones of the body-blanket Ansara-Forma” (course 5) will not result in the test field, but can explain at least satisfactory, how and where the Downs were gained. The much-vaunted breathability of the thumb to cover both but. The Traumina has of both the better sleeping experience, it is also the most durable ceiling in the current Test. Because of the Declaration to the down filling was messed up, it is sufficient only for a “satisfactory” (2.6) at the overall result. And the price from 440 euros.

The Allnatura-ceiling cuts at all in any of the test point is after all but the feeling of sleep properly. The overall result is “satisfactory” (3.2 m) accordingly. The price of almost 300 Euro is only in comparison to the other feather the model is effective.

For the full review, please visit for a fee test.de.

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