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Vonovia: Germany’s largest landlord discovered the allotment garden – economic

As Beate Wohlgemuth moved in June back in their home city of Essen, just wanted to make sure you an apartment with a garden. “This is a piece of freedom, especially in these times,” says the dog owner. Germany’s largest landlords Vonovia had a piece of paper Wohlgemuth actually not on the. The former Deutsche Annington has thousands of apartment buildings with communal green areas in front of the house and in many cases retrofitted balconies. However, for private allotments, the Dax is not gardens-the group really known. So far, at least.

But that should change. “Even before the Corona-crisis, we had gardens, some Tenants in our portfolio,” says Vonovia-Chef Rolf Buch. In the meantime, the group is one of approximately 125 separate lawn areas with a garden fence and door connecting to ground floor apartments, or just there. “We would like to extend this offer now,” says the book. “Also, because the demand for gardens and balconies have risen during the Corona pandemic.” The travel warnings, infections is not surprising in a time period indoors or output restrictions.

A note in the Ad Beate Wohlgemuth made on the new offer carefully. So the Essenerin was 90 square meters in front of your ground floor apartment fencing, hornbeam dress up, turf laying. On beats Vonovia 85 Euro on the month’s rent. In Wohlgemuth’s settlement at the Northern edge of the Ruhr metropolis, several ground floor have chosen tenant for the Upgrade.

Behind the garden hedge is quite commercial calculus lurks so: Vonovia opens up additional prospects, which you would have not been achieved so far. And the group is generated from green spaces, which he tilled yet tedious for all, now additional revenue. Very nicely concocted.

Not coincidentally, the group started in the Ruhr area

However, the allotment is familiar with Offensive limitations. “We are able to offer tenants gardens if you have enough green space for other tenants is available,” says Chairman of the Board book. Areas where Vonovia grow or an additional building could be build, not suitable for gardens. “So, we are looking from quarter to quarter, and what is possible,” the 55-Year-old.

Vonovia now wants to elicit in the whole of Germany the need. Especially in regions with a pronounced “Allotment culture” is expected to arrive the offer, presumed to be in the group, therefore he has started in the Ruhr area, the turf rolled out. “We also deal with the allotment gardens in large plants, which do not lie directly on the house,” according to Vonovia, “but then on large open flat of the Quarters.”

The group rents well 410 000 homes in the local Metropolitan areas, as well as, more recently, also in Sweden and Austria. He reaches in many places to criticism, because he increases the Rent regularly, where allowed by laws and the demand. In addition, Vonovia tried, the tenants all sorts of additional services: car-sharing through safety technology up to the barrier-free bathroom. And, more recently, is into gardening in the group, too.

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