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US stock – up – and the economy

Just don’t miss anything! And certainly not on the stock exchange, as the not just a large amounts of money can cost. The Fund Manager, the investors in the neck, which eventually expect that you will get as many Dollars as possible. This mechanism, he explains, at least in part, why the US indices Standard&Poor’s, have soared 500 and Nasdaq to new records, and the known dimensions at a time, in the USA, the sizes of the economic nation in the world, is in danger due to a pandemic, that you can’t get there easily in the handle.

But, as we know from the past, observed a Rally as the even – the total increase amounted to about twelve trillion dollars – poses its dangers. If all Fund managers are virtually obliged to join in, if such a euphoria is created, it can be hard to maintain. And let’s not forget: The market comes from a very fast crash, within less than six months, the Standard&Poor’s 500 by 50 percent.

Especially the technology were there, which attracted investors especially. The General euphoria also data for the construction industry, contributed. The rapid recovery on the stock exchanges of a part on the account of state support by the US government.

But there are also dark clouds. Because the negotiations, whether the first limited-time promotion of company weitergeh be, are Stalled. And then the America is because there are-Chinese trade dispute, and you don’t know, ultimately, whether it is possible to put it back to curb. But, what no one can exclude, whether it comes to Eskaltion.

Then the Apple-group, for example, could get, almost the Prime example of a successful Tech company, between the fronts. Apple can’t just produce in China, but the huge country is also one of the most important sales markets. He would break from today to tomorrow, that would be a big blow for the success-spoiled Californians. Previously, Apple had been able to head his company successfully from the fight out of the hold, but this need not remain so.

In addition, past experience shows that, if the Fund were particularly euphoric, the risk of a crash was great. The investor does not hold at the Moment, but expect to pay for a lot of Investments high prices. “The biggest driver of the market at the Moment is that the Central banks from the political point of view, are extremely supportive,” said expert Anik Sen from PineBridge Investments. Conjure up, but can’t also.

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