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US economic policy: What is Joe Biden up to? Economy


Claus Hulverscheidt

It is probably wrong, if one assumes that Joe Biden election crime has the nose full. And yet, the next nail-biter, the future U.S. President already in the house, because in the 5. January decide of the citizens of Georgia in two run-off elections, who will represent her state next year in the U.S. Senate. Wins, the previous incumbent, it will be Biden in the second Congress to do chamber with a Republican majority. The Challenger, win it is 50 to 50, with the advantage for the Democrats: In the case of a stalemate-namely, the voice of the future US Vice-President Kamala Harris is the rash. The elections in Georgia are, therefore, of Central importance is whether the President is in the Congress “by rule” or whether he will have to engage in tedious compromise talks. The SZ takes a look at what Biden’s economic and financial policy in the Individual plans.

Jerry Rolon
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