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While you look in Germany and Europe in the United States, and asks how the change of tenant in the White house without a roll command might work, is produced in the opposite part of the world a trade agreement, the European materialize as the economic community of marginal and the USA, and their recent trade which could undermine policy. With the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership” (RCEP) China and 14 Asian-complete-Pacific countries the largest free trade agreement in the world. After eight years of negotiations, the agreement on Sunday at the conclusion of the virtual summit of the South East Asian community Asean in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi was signed.

The ten members of ASEAN, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, Dating in the RCEP is a free trade zone with Japan, South Korea, Australia, new Zealand and China. The RCEP accounts for almost 30 percent of total world trade and larger than all the economic-trade zones, so comprehensive as the EU or the Federation of Canada, USA and Mexico. A third of the population of this earth live in this Region. Even India, which was part of the new trade Pact, but withdrew a year before the conclusion, or might have been also asked to do that, after it was deported to the protection of the own market of the negotiations.

It is not valid in the context, however, only to learn a new abbreviation, which could be in the future for some of the changes on the world market, but also to remind you of an old: TPP. The “Trans-Pacific-Partnership” should facilitate bypassing of China, trade between the United States and many Asian countries, including those of the ASEAN. Donald Trump, however, the United States withdrew in 2017 from the nearly completed agreement, after which China took the Initiative to drive the RCEP forward. It could come like a chess game, in which a counterparty (the USA) thinks only of the next train, the other (China) plans but around four to six moves ahead. In an Effort to limit the influence of China, has Donald Trump a powerful competitor in world trade, which will impose on the United States and Europe will soon have a change of perspective in the direction of Asia.

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