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The toughest Wage negotiations since a Long time – economy

Amesteris amine has a family. Her husband, two children. This was not easy with Corona, your home months work and daycare in a, “we know, but also welded together”. The 39-Year-old begins to rave from her Job as a Diversity Manager, of the years in the group, and you know, there’s something for the Second coming: “I fell in love with the VW family.”

That sounds like a set of the PR-Department. Amesteris amine, however, sounds very authentic, as she describes her 13 years in the VW group, at Seat and Audi, is now in the Truck-farmer in Munich. Its special tension of the sentence refers to the fact that the Board of Directors of your second family relies on the separation: YOU want to swipe 9500 of 36 000 jobs, every fourth point.

Amesteris Amin has been working for years in the VW group

(Photo: VW)

“I’m afraid of the Job, like many others,” said amine, looking at the conversation partner directly. “It can affect anyone. Me. With so many Places it can’t.”

The Diversity Manager acknowledges that, in the middle of a major Transformation as the entire auto industry: the digitization, away from the internal combustion engine. Has removal also understanding for the job? “I’m in two minds. We need to make own investments for the future. On the other hand, many are the fates. I would hope that we retain the Expertise in the company.” If you picked up earlier, their offspring from the nursery, chatted with other parents. Now you talk about removal on the set. “The security we had for years, is lost.”

Also Bavaria’s IG Metall district Manager Johann Horn acknowledges that the industry is in Transformation and Corona, the situation aggravated. But the company is how TO take Corona “as a pretext to brutally Put down to shift to low cost countries”. This is the starting position of the toughest bargaining round in Germany’s industry for many years. On Monday, the IG Metall Executive Board announced its recommendation. Usually, it calls for significantly more pay. However, due to the Transformation and Corona, nothing is normal.

The industry symbolizes the German Boom of the past ten years. Although it is sometimes called, in high-wage countries industry had no future, arose in the case of metal and electrical since 2010, 650 000 jobs. A total of 2019, a good four million. But now, 100 000 jobs have disappeared. “If nothing happens, you could lose in the next few years time, more than 200 000 Jobs”, warns IG-metal-Chef Jörg Hofmann. Therefore, he proposes a Four-day week as an Option. So less working time for Amesteris amine of ONE and other instead of spot removal. “For us, the bargaining round, to secure jobs in the centre.”

The last sentence of Stefan Wolf would maybe even write. The designated head of the employers ‘ Association total metal, from which it draws very different consequences Hofmann. 250 kilometers South of the Frankfurt trade Union Central receives a Wolf in the room in Sevelen. Here at the Swabian Alb, the auto parts supplier Elring Klinger, which he directs, produces. Wolf SIPS at the coffee, he then has a go: He wants to cut collective bargaining, the labour costs in Germany, the real hardware, a good 15 per cent higher than ten years ago. Elring-Klinger produced not only here, but around the world in 45 locations. “Everywhere, the labour costs are lower. To relocate production, is in the networked world of today, is not difficult. Since the question is basically: Why should get a Manager with a relatively expensive German location?”

Wolf, what are likely to see trade unionists as a horror list. He wants to prescribe employees in 2020 and 2021 with a zero round. He wants to cut back Work charges for late, he thinks of unpaid overtime. It is a company is bad, is to allow the collective bargaining agreement in the future, automatically, to reduce labour costs. And Yes, with the Transformation and Corona: “Many companies, it’s bad.”

But not all of them, this makes the bargaining round even harder. Quite different than in the case of Amesteris Amin and her colleagues, the mood 200 kilometres to the North in Forchheim is. In a bright factory building, metal rattle, middle, Metin Birdal screwed on huge white Housings. “Since I build in now the cooling, radiators, alternators,” says the 27-Year-old with the mighty beard. Birdal industrial mechanic at Siemens Healthineers. He works in computer tomography. Since March, the orders doubled temporarily. With CTs, Doctors can make lung pictures – and so early on detect if a Corona-infection is difficult.

Metin Birdal, 27, an industrial mechanic at Siemens Healthineers

Metin Birdal is an industrial mechanic at Siemens Healthineers

(Photo: Benedikt Peters)

The company sends the devices from Forchheim in the whole world. Birdal and colleagues work in the Two-layer model, in order to create everything. The Early morning starting at half past five. Birdal finds that they have earned a little more money. “We do an important work, one can almost say that we will save with our appliances a bit of the world.” Just now, while “the people sitting elsewhere in the Home Office,” as a colleague says.

Here, medicine, and other thriving areas, as crisis-ridden car and machine manufacturers: This gap, the IG metal presents challenges. Like all trade unions, has been fighting for years to members. You want to create the balancing act between those who want to earn more, and those who fear the Job. Jörg Hofmann thinks of Employees as Metin Birdal, if he calls for a noticeable wage increase “in companies in which it runs well”. He thinks of those with the job fear, if he asks for shorter working hours. In fact, Amesteris amine, whose love is tested to the VW family just says: “It should go in the bargaining round prior to securing Jobs. If a Four-day week helps, would be good.”

Regional trade unionists to add to the wage claim, as usual, the ECB’s targeted, but not reached target inflation to trend productivity. Power of three percent, plus lookup for 2020. The IG Metall will demand on Monday, as usual, more money. But this time the money is to be divided into Different. Employees as Metin Birdal could get more pay. Those who work in his company for four days, could receive a portion of the weggefalle the content. The IG Metall would have managed her balancing act.

However, the employers ‘ fear, to be overwhelmed. “If the collective bargaining agreement based on the approximately ten percent of the company, which runs well, many others, the collective commitment behind the questions, and possibly terminate,” warns Luitwin Mallmann, managing Director of Metall NRW. Many companies had break-ins massive sales. “The burn at the Moment, equity, the team hold it together. We are not allowed to fire the round of collective bargaining.”

Stefan Wolf can think of a maximum of one-time payments in a well running Establishments. Many-but a turnover would yield under two percent. You would have to put a lot of money in the Transformation. “This is also a benefit to the employees. A wage increase hurts them.” Yes, the Option of a Four-day week could help some company. “But as a result, the costs must not rise. A General wage compensation, I agree.”

No enthusiasm, the thrust of the IG Metall trade Union, to Workers on workplace agreements fit puffs at him. Amesteris amine would love to qualify workers in such a way for the Jobs of the future. Metin Birdal is already gone, however, he had to leave the company: from automotive supplier Bosch to Healthineers. “I wanted something future-proof,” he says. Stefan Wolf is called the IG-metal-push an old hat. “The qualification will take place in the premises of already solid. Some employees do not take the claim, some of them.”

Yes, the fronts are hard as rare. And then Stefan Wolf in the room questioning Sevelen at Elring Klinger also all the tariff plan. Supposed to start in December negotiations, but even in the slimmed-down team of 20 people sitting on each side in a closed room. “The citizens do not convey. The social partners have in the current Corona-position as a role model. Therefore, I propose to move the collective bargaining round to a longer period of time.” The only one he wants to negotiate: “companies with economic problems must be able to deviate from the collective agreement, many survive.”

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