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The Podcast “The Boss”: Paralympic champion Verena Bentele explains why inclusion is so important

“The Boss”
“No one knows the Blind or people with disabilities” – Paralympic medalist, explains why inclusion is so important

Verena Bentele, successful Paralympionikin and VdK-President

© VdK / Susie Knoll

She is the most successful German Paralympionikin, now represents as President of the social Association VdK, the Weaker in our society, and she is blind. In the starPodcast “The Boss” criticized Verena Bentele: inclusion will be implemented in Germany only half-heartedly.

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The one you snap at in the queue in front of the bakery: “the Back of the queue!” Grab the other your helping of the Poor, although you didn’t asked for help. If Verena Bentele, record-breaking winner at the Paralympics, Head of the largest German social Association, is on the streets of Berlin, on the road, feel every day the uncertainty of the people around you. You don’t know how to deal with a blind woman and she could even understand, in says Bentele starPodcast “The Boss”: “how do you know it because if no one knows the Blind or people with disabilities?”

Inclusion instead of Integration

Early in life should, therefore, people with and without disabilities into contact with each other. “For me, I would have liked to be in school with sighted children and young people,” she says. “Because I don’t believe that we have the beginning of 20 a switch, where the inclusion is on it, because we then press on it and then all work together happily.”

To the current concept of inclusion in schools, you don’t think so, she says. It will, unfortunately, set even more on Integration: “We have a large class, 30 children, and two with a disability to sit in it. The need to look like they are coming clear. You might have a school escort, unpacking your bag and everything lying down.” This is not the intention, rather, one must ask the question: How is actually to learn, so that everyone can contribute his or her skills?

Bentele calls for more visions in the policy

Due to a rare genetic disease Bentele is blind from birth. As a biathlete, she won 12 Gold medals at the Paralympics and is thus the most successful German Paralympionikin. After her career, she was appointed in 2014 by the former Federal labor Minister Andrea Nahles to the disability officer of the Federal government. Since 2018, it leads, now with 38 years, as President of the VdK. He is with two million members is the largest German welfare Association and represents the interests of the Weaker members of society. To be called at the beginning of the pandemic Bentele, for example, a wealth tax for the Rich, so that the state aid measures could, in favour of Poor Finance.

After six years in the capital Bentele looks critically at the political operation. Many politicians did not dare to, big projects to tackle, switched more to the weekly opinion polls. Bentele would like to limit the terms of office for the Bundestag. She says: “If someone is 50 years in the German Bundestag, one may ask the legitimate question: Is there maybe a certain amount of people near the lost?”

In “The Boss Makes female” to talk top women under: the hostess and the Multi-member of the Supervisory Board Simone Menne (including BMW, Deutsche Post DHL, Henkel) hits the boss from all sectors of society to talk to you about your life and your career. “The Boss” of the will appear on a fortnightly basis on Wednesdays on stern.de and the Youtube channelstaras well as on Audio Now and all the major Podcast platforms.

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