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the dai relieve the litecoin to your basket

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The turmoil in the past few months mark the evolution of the criptomonedas will soon have its particular reflection in Criptan. The fintech, one of the leaders in the operation with these assets in Spain, will include the dai in its platform before the end of the year. The stable coin relieve the litecoin, that will be out of the catalog of the region of valencia.

The plan Criptan is proceed to the relay “in brief”as explained by its ceo and co-founder, Jorge Soriano, at first for Invertia. Although initially it was planned that the dai had been built without displacing any other criptomoneda, the latest dynamics of this bustling market have led the fintech valencia to bet on this change.

In this sense, Soriano explains that “the litecoin had a lower acceptance” among the clients of Criptan, which continue to concentrate the bulk of their operations and purses at the bitcoin. Here it should be noted that the litecoin is in fact one of the criptos more similar to the bitcoinsince he was born in October of 2011 as a fork of the software of the digital currency queen of the market.


In addition, there is an added factor that explains the lower appeal of litecoin among investors more profane: their revaluation in the year. Since January, it is appreciated 44% against the dollar, the currency of trust most commonly used in the currency exchange. Although the percentage is more than suggestive when compared with the 18% who lost at this stage of the year, the Ibex 35, remains in the little if is opposed to the 121% that bitcoin gains so far this year.

On the other hand, the renewed volatility of the coronavirus -and especially the second wave – has brought to the financial markets has led many investors to sue and seek formulas to limit the jolts of their portfolios. If in a bag that has resulted in portfolios growth and defensive, in the criptomonedas, this strategy passes necessarily by the stable coins. This is because, as dai, have a fixed exchange rate versus a fiat currency.


In this case, the dai has a value anchored one-to-one against the us dollar. This factor has made since its debut in 2017, has been gaining a place increasingly significant among the criptomonedas more followed by the market. In addition, given the fact that this crypto is supported by the ethereumthat along with the bitcoin will continue to be part of the catalog of Criptan.

This popularity has grown in recent months, according to specialized sources in the sector mainly due to three factors. In the first place, as antidote to the volatility unleashed in the industry at the flick of a holder with each reverse or forward in front of the coronavirus. Then, by the increased use of the criptomonedas as a method of payment. And, last but not least, the growing marking government fiscal operations with digital currencies.

The first factor is obvious. As an example, that between maximum and minimum of the last 52 weeks the bitcoin marks a fork in the 300%between 4.001 and 15.981 dollars. And that the speculation around the currency queen has fallen, as 63% of the bitcoins does not change hands in the last exercise, as they point to recent studies.

With regard to the second factor, the advantages of a stable coin as for the now bet Criptan is especially relevant for setting prices in transactions that will close in the medium term. To be a criptomoneda with a fixed price versus a fiat currency, neither the buyer nor the seller are at risk to close the trade with a valuation very different from the time of the agreement between both parties.


In regard to the tax implications, the recent wave of regulatory has a lot to say about it. In this sense, the majority of regulations that are being undertaken include the accountability for the profits gained by operating in criptomonedas when you consume your conversion to foreign currency, fiat. In this way, the conversion to icd would allow you to secure those benefits latent without having to go through the cash register to the tax authorities in turn.

In addition, the fact that the money of the customers remain on the investment platform in place will be transferred to the bank account-associated -as would occur in the conversion to fiat currency – could facilitate a higher level of customers and, therefore, more investment volumes and more recurrent with the consequent positive impact on the business of the platforms that adopt them.

A key factor in a time in which increasingly the more investors are approaching for the first time the world of criptomonedas, especially in Spain. And is that, according to a recent study sector, the country is the fourth of Europe with more confidence in the universe crypto and the possibilities of its future development.

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