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The curse of Checo Perez: the mexican driver was not able to get podium when it boots in the first positions

(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)
(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)

Despite the uncertainty in your future, there is no doubt that the mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez is living a great season in the Formula One (F1). Proof of this, is that this Saturday got his best ranking since his arrival at the maximum circuit racing, because it will boot to the third position in the Grand Prix of Turkey, which will be held this 15th of November in Istanbul.

The tapatio 30 years of the team Racing Point he relished the “pole position” throughout Q3; however, in the last moments of his coequipero, Lance Stroll, snatched it and Max Verstappen, of Red Bull, stayed with the second place.

Tomorrow is a good opportunity. I prefer to be third than second because I have a clean part of the track (…) I Am happy. I know that the pole was possible, and I’m excited for tomorrow. The race will be misleading regardless of the conditions

And you’re right the mexican pilot: having a good rating does not necessarily guarantee the podium in the race. Even, in nine times that came out from the fourth positionthat , until then, were his best starts, not included in the first places.

(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)
(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)

On the contrary, in the eight podiums that holds in on so-called Great Circus, met with a regular classificationbeing the seventh the best place to start. We review each one of them:

Malaysia, 2012

The first time that Perez finalized a race between the top three, occurred on October 11, 2012, when he stayed with the second place for Malaysia, aboard a Sauber. Came out from the the eighth position.

Canada, 2012

Months after his debut on the podium of the F1, Czech, returned to give what to talk about. The mexican went back to 12 positions to get the third site that, in case outside little, it meant an unexpected birthday gift for his father.

Italy 2012

(Photo: Special)
(Photo: Special)

In the layout of Monza, Sergio Perez got his last podium finish as a pilot of Sauber. The second place in Italy, placed it next to Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. To do this he had to boot from tenth second site.

Russia, 2015

His second ascent to the platform of winners with Force India, came up to October 2015, when the circuit of Sochi was able to stop only once in the pits to take advantage of their closest rivals and finishing in third place.

Once again, the podium was led by Lewis Hamilton, who almost sealed his championship with the victory. On that occasion, Sergio came out from the since eight.

Monaco, 2016

During the feast of the Principality, in 2016, Perez knew how to manage his tyres to climb five positions (he took off in eighth) and get on to the celebration for the sixth occasion in his career: once again ended up as third.

Azerbaijan, 2016

Although he qualified in second position, but not started in that place due to a penalty cost him five positions on the grill. That did not stop the mexican to continue shining on the asphalt, since occasion went back up to get to the podium in the third place.

Azerbaijan, 2018

(Photo: Twitter/SChecoPerez)
(Photo: Twitter/SChecoPerez)

Déjà vu. Czech came back to poke among the best three in the circuit of Baku, but already as a Racing Point. In his most recent podium, the tapatio he took off from the since eight and had to overcome the speed and strategy of both Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes); the FIA to investigate an alleged misuse of the DRS, but in the end there was no punishment for the mexican and the feast is consecrated.

The 2020 also has been, so far, the best year personally for Perez in regards to the posición in the drivers championshipand that is the tapatio is sixth at the time, garnering their best result. Previously, he was seventh on two occasions, with Force India in 2016 and 2017.

The points of sergio Pérez have also impacted on the constructors championshipbecause until this moment, Racing Point up fifthbehind only Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault and McLaren, equal in points with McLaren and to a unit of Renault in the fight for the third place of constructors.

(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)
(Photo: Instagram/schecoperez)

The best result that the team uk has had was a fourth site in 2017, also a product of the work of sergio Pérez, who that year finished seventh in the drivers ‘ championship and had 17 top-10.

Despite these results, the tapatio unknown future in the maximum category of motorsport because of that nor has a secure seat for the campaign 2021it will be relegated to the future team Aston Martinafter the arrival of Sebastian Vettel.


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