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The cave of the lion: An Energy Drink without the sugar, the thrill of the hunt sparked the lions

“The cave of the lion”
An Energy Drink without the sugar stirred up by the hunting fever among the lions

Water with a Kick: The “FH2OCUS”-founder Sonja Wüpping and Jan oostendorper can convince the lion and the caffeine-containing thermal water

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Water, wax, and genuine lion-tears in the Studio: In the “cave of the lion” the conservation of the energy curves and emotions from before. Only Carsten Maschmeyer munching a crab on a piece of organic chewing gum.

Mark Stöhr

If it is for the founders in the “cave of the lion” uncomfortable, has to do often nothing with the product but with your company assessment. Especially Carsten Maschmeyer apart to Be divided and slip relentlessly. Then it will be hot in the Studio. In the latest episode, it met a Duo from Freiburg, media artist a violin-maker to the other. Brilliant inventor, but not so good buying people. They presented “klang2”, a kind of auditory Memory with different motifs, from classical music to animal sounds. A really nice, extremely lovingly crafted product, the enthusiasts of the lionesses and lions. But: The two beautiful spirits called goodwill of 1.5 million euros and had only sold 450. The sun in the face of Carsten Maschmeyer went down abruptly.

“We will test your business logic”, launched by the Investor with a straight face, of his questioning. “What financial mathematics is behind it, that they come from 450 Games sold, to a company with a value of one and a half million?” After a couple of Najas and Ähs and thorough head “klang2″inventor of scratch sketched in a hurry for a Golden future of the music memories. A quantified Business perspective, however, they remained guilty. Dagmar Wöhrl shouldn: “they just came a bit too early in the cave.” Carsten Maschmeyer caustic: “There is no too early or too late. There are just to bad.” As by a miracle, a Deal was reached at the end still to be snapped, however, a high price: Nils Glagau 33.3 percent of the company.

Rosberg breaks out in tears

Similar to hard, the Jury went with the creators of “letsact” to the court, an App, with the help of Volunteers and volunteer projects for their social commitment can find. Here, too, the high evaluation of the Company clouded the investment climate. Three million euros called the founder-Duo. Georg Kofler red. Why, indignant he, “do you want to with as a charitable activity of multi-millionaires?” The media Manager didn’t want to make sense of how you want to do with a Non-Profit Organisation a Profit at all.

The App-developer, two very smart and tough at the beginning of a 20-Year-old, remained quiet. There is a paid Pro Version for big clubs, they declared their expectation of profit. Also: “As a Non-Profit we could never build such a good product.” But really, the Volunteers did not want to ignite job portal. A lion after the other rose, until only Nico Rosberg remained. And the Ex-formula 1 world champion was so torn between his sympathy for the social aspect of the project and its role as a business man who wants to earn with his Investment money, he broke out in tears. A wine of a lion – that had never happened before in the history of the Show.

Organic chewing gum manufacturer suggests all offers

“Letsact” went away empty-handed – as well as the provider of the Workout App in the “Hit the Beat”, could not convince the investors-the Pool of the uniqueness of their Hip-Hop training sessions. Products to eat and Drink, have it in the “cave of the lions” traditionally, easier. Such as, for example, “Focus”a caffeine-containing soda water, wants to bring a couple from Bocholt nationwide on the market. The kicker: The drink has no sugar, no artificial flavors and zero calories. While Georg Kofler adopted quickly (“In the finish, bitter and furry”), allied to the Rest of the lions to two teams: Glagau-Wöhrl against Maschmeyer-Dümmel – got the Latter, and finally the contract. Maschmeyer stopped “in the shark energy drinks, pools of advertising” a “misleading and marketing campaign” is essential, and it grabbed on the required 90,000 euros a half a Million for outdoor advertising.

For a curiosity, the inventor of made “Forest Gum”– a chewing gum made from the SAP of the rubber tree from the rain forests of Central Africa. All organic, all fair. However: The founders did not want to give up the identity and origin of the manufacturer, with whom he shares the rights to the recipe, the price, which made Carsten maschmeyer super cranky on the organic Gum chewing. The others, however, were enthusiastic about the product and topped with offers. And the “Forest Gum”-chief? Announced that he would deviate from its share offer of 10 per cent, not a tenth of a point. Of shock among the lions. Only Maschmeyer felt vindicated: “The overestimated strongly.”

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