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Tax evasion – action suit against Sotheby’s – economy

The auction house Sotheby’s last fall because of alleged tax tricks, a regular customer, to the attention of the investigating authorities. The New York attorney General Letitia James filed on Friday a lawsuit against the tradition of house, you are accused of aiding tax evasion. Accordingly, Sotheby’s, should have’s, it is the customer allows, compared with the financial authorities as an art dealer rather than a collector’s display. So he had certain certificates of million in VAT deal, says James. Sotheby’s should be accepted by the customer, four such certificates, although there had been overwhelming evidence for the art buying for his own use. So leading employees of the auction house should have visited the works of art in the New York Apartment of the customer. The collectors of contemporary art lives according to the attorney General, James most of the time outside of the USA, he operates a shipping company. With the certificates, he should have taxes on the purchase of works of art worth more than $ 27 million in the years 2010 to 2015 is avoided. “Millionaires and billionaires cannot come up with tax evasion,” said James. “Sotheby’s has broken the law, and the New York taxpayers millions brought.” Sotheby’s was not initially be reached for comment.

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