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HomeBusinessSuccess at the Corona vaccine: Biontech and Pfizer fast high

Success at the Corona vaccine: Biontech and Pfizer fast high

Success at the Corona vaccine
Biontech and Pfizer fast high

Price jump for the shares of the Mainz biopharmaceutical company Biontech. Photo: Andreas Arnold/dpa

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The German manufacturer of Biontech and the US Corporation Pfizer present promising interim results of a large study for a Corona-Imfstoff. This has a prompt on the share prices.

The prospect of a vaccine against the Coronavirus has brought on Monday Pfizer and Biontech high price gains.

The papers of the US technology stock exchange Nasdaq-listed Mainz-based Biotech company Biontech jumped in the top 25 percent, to 115 US dollars upwards. However, you gave a part of those gains and were last with 10 percent. Shares of the Pharma heavyweight Pfizer increased by 8.7 percent.

An effective Corona vaccine in Europe and the USA is now within reach: As the first Western manufacturer Biontech and Pfizer published on Monday, promising results for the pivotal study. Thus, your vaccine provides more than 90 percent protection against the disease Covid-19. Serious side effects had not yet been registered, it was said by the two companies.

The more than 90 percent of the estimated efficiency is impressive, wrote Analyst Chris Schott from the investment Bank JPMorgan in a first reaction to the news. It suggests that there could be a breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic.

Efficacy of the vaccine candidates from more than 90 percent was higher than expected, wrote Analyst Carter Gould from Barclays Bank. The result should contribute to concerns about the effectiveness and the General Impfbereitschaft address. Other vaccines that are currently researched to combat the Virus and developed, could show a higher effectiveness than previously thought, said Gould.

Something of a cautious Analyst Zhiqiang Shu of the Berenberg Bank argued. The efficiency requirements of the US food and drug administration, FDA, is likely to be exceeded, with an effectiveness of 90 percent, although loose. In addition, it concerns so far, no serious security. There are other questions remained open, such as the duration of protection. Some of these questions could probably be answered after you have been admitted.

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