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Start-up, unicorn: Ode to the period – economy

Print out shrill messages on napkins and Tampons, organise Demos to orgasm freedom and give presentations at conferences: As a Start-up from Berlin, demystified the topic of Menstruation.

Philip Siefer takes a box of Tampons in Hand and explains what you can do with it. Rattles, for example – what Siefer, 37, beard, sneakers, in the office of his Start-ups the same power. But you can also read the message on the box says Siefer: “We have learned to hide the stains and the pain wegzuscherzen – these lines are an Ode to the period.” Of the young women, and also full-bearded men at the desks all around, no one looks up. So, as it was the most Normal thing on a day at the office, to leave Tampons in a cardboard box rattle and menstrual rhymes recite.

Jerry Rolonhttps://etrendystock.com/
After working for 7 years as a Internet Marketer, Jerry now aims to explore the journalistic side of Internet. With his impeccable knowledge in this domain, he churns out some of the best news articles from the internet niche. With respect to acedamics, Jerry earned a degree in business from California State University.

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