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Spain Opening: “pilot project”: thousands of German “test dares” as of Monday Malle & co.

The Countdown to Mallorca Fans will be shorter than expected: With the help of up to 10.900 German, the may starting on Monday and the Balearic Islands, test, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera in the case of an emergency for the summer vacation in Corona times.

“The Islands will be the first safe destination in Spain after the pandemic,” said regional President Francina Armengol on Tuesday in Palma de Mallorca. The Central government in Madrid, the boundaries of the former Corona Hotspots on 1. July is officially open for tourists, had given the day before, after days of tough negotiations, finally the green light.

Germany had been selected from two “obvious” reasons for this pilot project, said Armengol: “Germany is the country to come out of the most tourists to us, and the epidemiological Numbers are very similar to ours”.

The tourists would have to stay at least five days on the Islands and according to the entry, at first, to be quarantined on their return, as it is otherwise so far in Spain, if you Travel from abroad is not required, said Armengol. Your Minister of health, Iago Negueruela stressed, it also has German entries, have a second home on the Islands is likely. The people would have left by plane into the country.

A Covid-19-Test will not be required. Armengol: “The traveler must fill in an airplane, a health form, and after landing is measured at the airports of the temperature.” If a Tourist having no symptoms, he could then go immediately to his accommodation, the socialist.

The pilot project is intended to samples of the case – the expected tourist rush starting in July. We wanted to examine whether the safeguards work, among other things, at the airports and in the Hotels. “The safety of the Locals, the staff and of course the guest is the focus,” said the head of government. A Tourist Covid should have-19-the symptoms, he was tested. And if this is positive, going to him and his family, assigned a special quarter.

The nearly 11,000 holidaymakers are almost twice as many as Spanish media had reported on the previous day. But there’s not many really, rather very few. There are actually only 0.91 percent of the tourists who were in the second half of June, 2019 in the Balearic Islands holidays.

Nevertheless, you will be happy in Mallorca and the other Islands according to the three-month Corona-“closure” as never before “Alemanes”. Carme Planas, the President of the hospitality Association CAEB, said: “We need to pool our efforts so that the project works to establish trust.” This could be a role model for other tourism regions in Spain. The Head of the Hoteliers Association FEHM, Maria Frontera, said: “We need to give impetus to the Balearic Islands in all over the world are seen as a safe travel destination.”

The Minister of health Negueruela had previously emphasized in the negotiations with Madrid on several occasions, the Balearic Islands were in need of tourism “as the air you Breathe”. The revenue of the industry make up about a third of the total regional income.

But not all of the features: Among the Locals, there were protests. Would you fear for your health, said locals who live, among other things, on the Party-mile ball man. Armengol was asked if there was no fear of imported infections: “Therefore, we have chosen Germany, because the epidemiological data in Germany and the Balearic Islands are similar.”

Many of the British, otherwise the Germans on Mallorca, as the largest group of visitors, “competition”, will be envious of. As a pilot project with them was provided for, and said Negueruela to a journalist’s question. The epidemiological situation in the UK was not so as on the Balearic Islands. The UK is also not in the Schengen area, was the second Declaration of the Minister.

In the project four local hotel participating chains. On the German side, the tour operator TUI, THE tourism and Schauinsland travel with the party. On Mallorca the German holidaymakers, according to media reports at the Playa de Palma, in the Bay of Alcúdia can be accommodated.

A Tuifly spokesman said German tourists could fly from Monday to Majorca. 15. June will start in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt/Main, two Tuifly machines, each with around 180 seats. On Thursday and following Monday, two more flights would be offered. Also THE tourism is working according to its own information in mind, travel to Mallorca to resume. “In June will be tested in Detail, how the new rules for the protection of the guests will be implemented,” it said. Once all the criteria are met, start the summer season in 2020, with THE tourism on the island of Mallorca.

The operator Schauinsland-Reisen wants to from 15. June will also be on-site in a Hotel in processes test. “From the 27. In June we will welcome the first guests on the spot,” said a spokeswoman. About the conditions, you stand still in exchange with the government of the Balearic Islands. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings reported leaps and bounds increasing interest from customers: “The Hit list of currently popular Euro wings-destinations, is being led by Mallorca”.

Spanish media reports suggest that the Canaries have to negotiate with Madrid about a similar pilot project.

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