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Saudi Arabia Launches Cultural Heritage Metaverse with AI

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has revealed an ambitious metaverse platform that uses Generative Media Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show the world its rich cultural heritage.

Saudi Arabia’s Metaverse Triumph in Culture and Innovation

The Saudi Press Agency recently announced the start of this new project to let people learn more about the country’s history, arts, and crafts through interactive digital experiences. Because droppGroup and droppPhygical have teamed up to use HyperLedger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, the metaverse experience should be faster and more engaging.

In contrast to traditional methods of promoting cultural assets, this metaverse platform provides exploration opportunities that have never been seen before. Users from anywhere in the world can explore historical sites through carefully created digital models. 

The first event on the platform was Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day, a celebration of the country’s past that goes back to 1727. A wide range of cultural shows, music, dance, and arts and crafts events were held as part of the metaverse initiative. A history walk, fun games that let users play, and other activities that were big draws for this new release were some of the sights that stood out.

Saudi Arabia’s Metaverse: Inclusivity, Investments, and Web3 Revolution

The Minister of Culture said, “This cross-platform compatibility embodies the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to inclusivity, enabling a diverse global audience to explore and engage with the rich history of Saudi culture.” In other words, the project is open to everyone.

People can access the metaverse on laptops, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, and cell phones. It gives people a flexible and immersive experience on all of these devices.

Saudi Arabia has put $50 million into the metaverse company Animoca to broaden its economy and boost Web3 growth. This positions the country as a possible blockchain hub in the Middle East. With Animoca’s help, NEOM, the country’s most important project, leads digital efforts with Web3 design in mind.

Majid Mufti, CEO of NEOM Investment Fund, praised the relationship, saying, “We are thrilled to work with Animoca Brands to help Neom’s digital infrastructure grow.” Web3 infrastructure and technology development will not only form a key part of Neom’s tech stack and architecture but could also completely change many businesses worldwide.

Since the beginning of 2023, many more Web3 investments have been in the Middle East. Different countries are trying to become the Web3 hub for digital developments. Dubai, which gives companies a 90% discount on licenses, has seen many Web3-based companies move there.

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