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Record-breaking increase : Easier driving permit and Corona for motorcycle Boom

Record-Breaking Increase In
Easier driving permit and Corona for motorcycle Boom

The demand for smaller scooters and motorcycles is on the rise. Photo: Thomas Frey/dpa

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The car manufacturer has made the Corona-crisis. The demand for residential vehicles and bicycles is booming, however. And also, certain motorcycles and scooters are in high demand. Corona is not the only reason.

New driving licence rules as well as the Corona pandemic, according to the motorcycle industry reasons for a record increase in the demand for smaller scooters and motorcycles.

At least since the beginning of the 90s, the number of newly registered motorcycles in Germany was increased in comparison to the prior year period as strong, said Achim Marten from the German motorcycle industry Association (IVM). The reason was not only that by the end of 2019, a regulation had facilitated access to smaller machines. “From our point of view, a certain Lockdown, Covid-19 comes because effect.” To ride a motorcycle or scooter, “is next to the Cycling of the pandemic type of movement the first Fort.”

The force travel Federal office (KBA) recorded between January and September, around 185,000 newly-registered motorcycles, an increase of more than 20 percent compared with the same period last year. Merely during the far-reaching Corona-restrictions in March and April, there were fewer new registrations than in the respective prior-year months.

In the case of motorcycles up to 125 cubic centimeters displacement, the number of new registrations increased according to the IVM to around 67 per cent to just under 30,000. In the case of scooters of up to 125 cubic centimeters, even more than 90 per cent to around 26,000. Since the end of last year, the owner of a car licence may drive without an additional driver’s license testing machines with up to 125 cubic centimeters displacement, and a 15-HP – under certain conditions and to a theoretical and practical training, with at least nine units of 90 minutes. “There’s a whole lot of people seem to have waited,” said Marten.

“Instructor’s report that the driving licence reform is well accepted,” said Felix Lindhorst from the Federal Guild Association of two-wheeled craft. Add to this that people have made because of the pandemic in their own country on a motorcycle vacation, or from public transport to motorcycles-overs. Because of the relatively cheap 125cc machines are particularly attractive. Lindhorst called two other reasons for the high Numbers: a manufacturer and a dealer to let machines as a precautionary measure, before a pending emission standard-tightening aggravating this. Some manufacturers wanted to decorate with their own approvals of the statistics.

In past years, according to Achim Marten is a Trend towards the scooter and motorcycle driving. Throughout the year, the number of new registrations increased for motorcycles in 2019, according to the KBA by about 6 per cent, and in 2018 by 10 percent compared to the previous year. This year’s increase in Marten said: “It is likely that it is a relatively short-term effect at this altitude.” The traders were able to operate according to his statement, the high demand: “as far as I know, there are no bottlenecks in the trade. This does not exclude that individual models are time currently available.”

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