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Recalls and product warnings: Yes! chocolate recalled

April 25: Yes! chocolate recalled

The French manufacturer leaves nut chocolate from the Rewe own brand Yes! Recall. The reason for the precautionary recall was “that there may be black plastic parts (about 7 mm) in individual packs of the chocolate bar,” the manufacturer Cacao de Bourgogne from Dijon announced on Saturday. A health hazard cannot be ruled out with final certainty. Customers can therefore return the product in the respective store and get the purchase price back without a receipt. It is the product “Yes! Whole Nut / Noble Milk Chocolate 100g” with the best-before date 4.12.2020 of batch 2006442827.

Source: DPA

March 22: Recall of pizza snails

Dermaris GmbH recalls the article “Dermaris Pizza Schnecken Salami” in the 270g pack. As the company informs, it cannot be ruled out that there are small, white plastic particles in the product. For more information:

Product: DERMARIS Pizza Snails Salame

Content: 270g

Batch number: 3022004

Best before date: 07.05.2020

Customers who have already purchased the product can return it without presenting a receipt.

Source: “Product Alerts”

March 17: Burnt almonds recalled

The Bienek almond distillery recalls the following product:

“Burnt almonds” with a best-before date of 18.4.2020.

The product was therefore found to have exceeded limit values for mould toxins aflatoxins. Consumption can be harmful to health.

Customers who have already purchased the product can return it without presenting a receipt.

Source: “Food Warning”

March 16: “Panini Rustico” recalled

The company Panificio Italiano Veritas GmbH recalls the product “Panini Rustico” (variety nature) with the best-before date 09.05.2020. It cannot be ruled out that metal foreign bodies are in the product.

Customers who have already purchased the product can return it without presenting a receipt. It was sold at Aldi and Aldi South.

Source: “Lebensmittelwarnung.de”

March 16: Unicorn keyfob recalled

The manufacturer TEDI GmbH & Co. KG recalls unicorn keyfobes with the following item number:

SKU: 22638002281000000100

Product tests have shown an increased value of the plasticizer DEHP. The key fob was sold in TEDI stores from 28.08.2019 to 05.03.2020. Customers who have already purchased the product can return it without presenting a receipt.

Source: “Lebensmittelwarnung.de”

March 13: Cheese recalled at Netto

The company FKS Frischekonzept Service GmbH calls the product “Farmer’s cheese chime – garlic at a time” back. The product was sold in 240-gram packs in net stores. An investigation has shown Escherichia coli bacteria, which can cause a gastrointestinal infection, possibly bloody diarrhea and fever, a week after consumption.

The farmer’s cheese has already been withdrawn from sale

The affected items have the identification mark NL Z 0217B EC and the following shelf life dates printed on the front of the packaging: 03.03.2020, 06.03.2020, 10.03.2020, 13.03.2020, 17.03.2020, 24.03.2020, 26.03.2020 and 31.03.2020.

Buyers of the product should not consume the cheese. Affected customers can also return the item to net stores without presenting the receipt and receive a refund of the purchase price. For further questions, please call the manufacturer on 02162 / 5483-010.

Source: Net

March 9: Onion met is recalled

Munzert Fleischwaren GmbH recalls Onionmett due to salmonella risk. This is the following product:

  • Article: Onion sausage
  • Sales unit: 200g
  • Batch number: 058094
  • Clip Marking: 27.02.

Since 2 March, the sausage in question has been sold through sausages Satt in Kalchreuth and Wurstladl in Waldsassen as well as the fresh food counters of Real stores in the northern Bavaria area. Small quantities were also sold through the depot sale in Rehau from 28.2.2020.

Customers who have already purchased the onion met can return it without presenting a receipt.

Source: “Produktwarnung.eu”

March 6: Uncle Ben’s recalls rice

According to “lebensmittelwarnung.de”, the Brand Uncle Ben’s, part of the Mars Group, is recalling the “original long grain rice in the cooking bag ‘Perfect in 10 minutes'” (one kilogram, EAN code 5410673854001, best-before date: 13 August 2022). This is due to possible metal shards in some packs, which were sold exclusively in a few Edeka markets in Baden-Württemberg. Buyers are encouraged not to eat the rice. Questions about the return can be answered by Mars Customer Service at (04231) 943280 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and by email to kontakt@def.mars.com.

6 March: Lidl recalls ready meals

Food discounter Lidl is recalling the product “Eridanous Gyros Rice Pan”. The finished dish of the manufacturer Copack Frozen Food contains the undeclared ingredient celery. Since some people are allergic to celery, the product is withdrawn from sale and the allergy sufferers are strongly discouraged from eating the rice pan. Affected are the items with the expiry date 14.04.2021 and lot number L0045F13.

The “Eridanous Gyros Reispfanne” was sold in Lidl stores throughout Germany with the exception of stores in Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein. Customers can also return the product without presenting the receipt in all Lidl stores and receive a refund of the purchase price.

Source: “Produktwarnung.eu”

February 26: Dog snack sold at Fressnapf recalled

Pet supplies retailer Fressnapf informs customers that dog snacks sold in the stores are being recalled. These are “multifit rabbit ears” in 100-gram packs from the supplier cadocare. The manufacturer withhabits the product from sale on the grounds of suspected salmonella infestation. The items with the following best-before dates (MHD) are affected:

MHD: 02/11/2022 / LOT: 0607200004415

MHD: 04.02.2022 / LOT: 0606200003444

Affected customers can return the item to a Fressnapf store and receive a refund of the purchase price.

Source: Fressnapf

February 25: Primark recalls women’s shoe

The low-cost textile company Primark is recalling its “Wide Fit Kitten Heel Court Shoe” women’s shoe as a precautionary measure because investigations have found that chromium VI, a solid also known as chromium trioxide, has been exceeded. The product could cause allergic skin reactions, according to a press release on the Primark website.

The product was sold in stores between 11 January 2019 and 4 January 2020. Affected customers can return the women’s shoe and receive a full refund. The presentation of the cash receipt is not necessary for this, it is said.

Source: Primark

February 24: Recall of tattoo paints

Premier Products is currently recalling two different types of tattoo paint. When examining a sample in Italy, according to the portal “Lebensmittelwarnung.de”, a discrepancy in the composition of the colour was found. As a precautionary measure, the batches concerned are therefore withdrawn from the market. These products are:

Intenze Ink – Light Green – 1 fl oz (29.6 ml) – LOT SS 270 – Expire 4/30/2023

Intenze Ink – Desert Sand Medium – 1 fl oz (29.6 ml) – LOT SS 245 – Expire 10/31/2021

Affected customers are asked to contact Premier Products support. More information here.

Sources: “Lebensmittelwarnung.de,” Premier Products

February 24: Glass foreign bodies in onion melt

Dwarf meadow Natural food recalls batches of its product onion melt in 250-gram glass throughout Germany. “It cannot be ruled out that glass bodies are in individual jars of the product,” reads a statement on Lebensmittelwarnung.de. In view of the possible risk of injury, the consumption of the product concerned is therefore strongly discouraged.

Glasses with the following minimum durability specifications are affected: 13.01.21 A, 13.01.21 B, 13.01.21 C.

Source: “Lebensmittelwarnung.de”

February 22: Aldi North shrimp recalled by manufacturer

Frozen prawns offered at discounter Aldi Nord have been recalled. Dutch supplier Heiploeg International cited reasons for precautionary consumer protection, according to a statement on Friday. Specifically, the product ‘King-Prawns, shrimp tails’, ‘Nature’ variety, the ‘Gourmet Fruits de Mer’ brand with a best-before date of 3 January 2022.

During an examination, a veterinary medicinal product was noticed. “A health impairment is not excluded with final certainty,” it said. The frozen shrimps were delivered to Aldi Nord stores in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. They could now be returned.

Products with other best-before dates as well as other articles of the company Heiploeg International were not affected.

20 February: Traces of pesticides: Grapes recalled at Rewe

Grapes sold at the supermarket chain Rewe have been recalled due to an increased exposure to pesticide residues. The consumption of the grapes is strongly discouraged, the supplier Eurogroup Germany said on Thursday. The recall applies to table grapes sold in the 500-gram pack of Thompson seedless with lot number 07-03 and GGN 4063061228598 sold in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Thuringia. The grapes come from India. They can be returned in the supermarkets. The purchase price will be refunded, according to the information.

Source: DPA

20 February: Herrmann Spices: Curry powder contaminated with salmonella

Herrmann Gewürze GmbH & Co. KG recalls the product “Curry green” as a precautionary measure. The curry powder was contaminated with salmonella, the company said. There may be an infection with diarrhea, vomiting and mild fever when consumed. Consumption of the affected product is strongly discouraged. The health hazard exists for packages of 70 grams up to one kilogram and a best-before date 27.01. 2023. All corresponding items can be returned to the shopping center without presenting the receipt.

Source: lebensmittelwarnung.de

February 20: Pfizer recalls heat pads

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare GmbH has recalled two batches of its ThermaCare® heat envelopes. The 4-pack for larger areas of pain with batch numbers T73713 and T48946 and the MHD 31 August 2020 is affected, the company said. Due to a manufacturing defect, isolated heat cells could be damaged and possibly leaka. There is therefore a potentially increased risk of irritation, burns, swelling, rashes or other persistent changes in the skin. The black, granular contents could escape from the heat cells. The company recommends that you refrain from using the product. According to Pfizer, this is a wholesale recall.

Source: “produktwarnung.de”

February 19: Andechs dairy recalls grater cheese

The Andechs dairy Scheitz recalls a grater cheese. For precautionary reasons, buyers should not use the product “Andechser Natur Organic Grater Cheese” with the best-before date of 03.04.2020, the company announced on Wednesday. The bags could contain very small pieces of blue plastic, about 3.2 millimetres in size. There is a risk of injury when consumed.

Consumers who have already purchased the cheese should return it to the outlet. There, the purchase price is reimbursed in full.

Source: Dpa

February 15: Lemonade with risk of explosion

Bottles of the Bad Brückenauer brand orange lemonade are at risk of an explosion, reports “Lebensmittelwarnung.de”. Accordingly, individual bottles with a minimum shelf life as of 9 October 2020 are biologically contaminated. This could create a dangerous overpressure up to the risk of explosion. According to the manufacturer, the lemonade variety was distributed in northern Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Customers will receive their money back with Bon upon return.

February 13: Netto recalls schlemmerfilet

Pickenpack Seafood GmbH recalls the article “SeaGold Schlemmerfilet a la Italia” in the 400g pack, which is offered nationwide by the supermarket chain Netto. As the company announced, it cannot be ruled out that white plastic parts could be contained in individual packs of the gourmet fillet. Customers who have purchased items with batch number: L9338 and the best-before date 12.2020 will be refunded the purchase price upon presentation of the packaging or the corresponding receipt at Netto.

February 13: Recall “Rewe Best Choice Pancakes” due to risk of injury from plastic parts

B+F Bakery & Food is recalling the frozen item “Rewe Best Choice, Pancakes” with the best-before date of 31.10.2020. As the company informs, due to a production error, it cannot be ruled out that white plastic parts may be in the product in individual cases. Consumption of the affected product is strongly discouraged, as a possible health hazard cannot be excluded. Customers can return products with batch number L304-1011119 to the respective market and will also receive a refund without presenting the receipt.

Rewe Calls the Russian

Rewe recalls Russian ‘best choice pancakes’ due to plastic parts

11 February: Recall of cheese due to risk of injury caused by plastic parts

Lidl is recalling a Product of Milbona out of caution. Blue foreign bodies may be included. Specifically, the Lidl recall is the following cheese:

Milbona Gouda Young Rubbed At least 7 Weeks Matured 250g.”

Customers can use lot number 893839538051060191224, identity number NL Z 0507 i EC or the best-before date of 23.03.2020 to determine whether their product is a cheese that may contain the blue plastic parts. There is a risk of injury when consuming the affected product.

The product you have already purchased can be returned without presenting a receipt.

Source: “Lidl”

11 February: Danger of glass shards: manufacturer recalls more organic products

Due to possible glass shards, the food manufacturer Clama GmbH & Co. KG has withdrawn further products of the GutBio brand from the market. Affected are GutBio white organic beans with quinoa and vegetables as well as GutBio organic lentils with quinoa and vegetables with a best-before date of 31.12.2023. This was announced by the manufacturer from Mülheim/Ruhr on Tuesday. “The products cannot be excluded from the possibility that some glass shards may be contained,” the statement said.

Last week, the manufacturer had already recalled organic chickpeas in the glass of the same brand and with the same shelf life. All food was distributed through the food discounter Aldi Nord. They could be returned to any Aldi North store, the manufacturer said.

Source: Dpa

February 7: Northern Lights natural food recalls soy flakes

The manufacturer Nordlicht Naturkost in Kaltenkirchen has recalled soy flakes due to possible contamination. Affected is the product “Biogreno soy flakes 500g”. The soy flakes could be contaminated with so-called tropanalkaloids, which can lead to visual disturbances, enlarged pupils, dry mouth or fatigue, for example. Tropanalkaloids are natural ingredients of certain plants such as bilsenkraut, holly apple and cherries.

Anyone who has purchased the goods with batch number 1903182 (MHD 15.12.2020) can return them and will receive a refund. The federal states concerned are Berlin, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Schleswig-Holstein. Only last week, the drugstore chain Rossmann recalled the product “Enerbio Soy Flakes” (MHD 12.06.2020, 30.07.2020 and 07.10.2020) due to possible contamination.

7 February: Rügenwalder Mühle recalls Lyoner

Due to possible contamination with small plastic particles, the sausage manufacturer Rügenwalder Mühle has recalled its product “Schinken Spicker Bunte Paprika-Lyoner 80g”. The batch number “BL0401 03” and all subsequent follow-up numbers with the best-before date of 02.03.2020 were affected, the company announced on Thursday.

Due to a technical defect, it cannot be completely ruled out that sharp-edged foreign bodies are contained in the packaging. “Accidental ingestion may pose a health risk from these foreign bodies,” the statement said. The foreign bodies are white plastic particles about one centimeter in size. The return of the products from the market had already been initiated. Affected consumers should contact the company.

Source: Dpa

5 February: Danger of glass shards: manufacturer recalls organic chickpeas

As a precautionary measure, the food manufacturer Clama GmbH & Co. KG has withdrawn its product “Organic chickpeas with quinoa and vegetables” from the GutBio brand. “The product cannot be excluded from the possibility that some glass shards could be contained,” the manufacturer from Mülheim an der Ruhr announced on Wednesday. Only products with a best-before date of 31.12.2023 are concerned. The organic chickpeas in a glass were distributed throughout the territory of the food discounter Aldi Nord. They could be returned to any Aldi North store, the manufacturer said.

03 February: Manufacturer recall of Oregano

On 29 January, Fuchs Foodservice GmbH had already recalled the product “Oregano rebelt” in various versions, after a high content of pyrrolizidine alkaloids could be detected in samples. According to the manufacturer, these are “secondary plant ingredients that occur naturally in different plants and can inadvertently enter foods such as herbs through harvesting”. In higher amounts, they can damage health, it is said. The following items are affected:

Article: Ostmann Oregano, re-energised

Contents: 25g benefit bag

MHD: 12/2023

Lot number 9157CB

Article: Ubena Oregano re-energized

Content: 150g

Advantage bag

MHD: 12/2023

Lot number 9176BB

Article: Fuchs Professional Oregano re-energised

Content: 250g bags

MHD: 2023

Lot numbers: 9177BE, 9176BA

Article: Columbia Oregano, re-energised

Contents: 15g refill bag

MHD: 12/2023

Lot numbers: 9158BA, 9158CA

EDEKA & Market Purchase

Article: GUT&GÜNSTIG Oregano resmoothed

Content: 12g glass

MHD: 06/2022

Lot numbers: 9175CA, 9176AA, 9176AB


Article: KANIA Oregano re-energised

Content: 7.5g

Glass MHD: 06/2022

Lot Numbers: LB91682, LA91682, LC91652, LB91652, LA91652, LC91641, LC91642, LB91641, LA91641, LC91631, LB91631, LA91631, LC91621

Customers who have purchased the corresponding product can return it to their respective shopping centers for a refund of the purchase price without presenting the receipt.

Source: “Food warning”

31 January: Munich pharmaceutical company recalls medicines

Munich-based pharmaceutical company Puren Pharma has recalled 235 batches of drugs. The texts of the leaflets did not comply with the regulations, as the government of Upper Bavaria announced on Friday. This was noticed during an occasional inspection in December. The company posted a list of the affected drugs on its website, including the painkiller ibuprofen and blood pressure lowerer Candesartan. At first, the Mirror had reported on it.

Puren Pharma is said to belong to the Indian Aurobindo Group and specialises in generic, i.e. drug-like copies of medicines. Such companies are usually reviewed every two years, according to the government of Upper Bavaria.

January 30: VW recalls diesel buses

The commercial vehicle subsidiary of Volkswagen (VWN) is recalling around 29,400 diesel models of the T5 and T6 buses worldwide due to excessive exhaust emissions. In Germany, about 8700 cars are affected, according to data from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). A VWN spokesman confirmed the action on Thursday, saying it had already started in November. The KBA itself was informed of the discrepancies.

It was not a defeat device, but a necessary update of the transmission control unit, the company explained. “Trade and customers are contacted.” The KBA speaks of “exceeding the Euro 5 limit value for nitrogen oxides”. Previously, the kfz-betrieb.vogel.de portal had reported on the recall.

The action revolves around T5 and T6 models built between 2009 and 2016. Apart from the necessary reprogramming, there should be no further restrictions on the vehicles. The reason for the torn limit at a test speed of between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour is that the buses equipped with automatic transmissions use the seventh instead of the sixth gear.

Source: Dpa

January 24: Drugstore chain dm recalls baby care lotion from “alverde”

The drugstore chain dm is recalling a baby care lotion as a precaution. According to a statement from the Karlsruhe-based company on Friday, it is the “alverde baby care lotion organic shea butter organic chamomile”, regardless of the best-before date. It cannot be ruled out that yeasts are included in the product. “The risk of a health impact is very low, but for sensitive consumers, the use of the product can promote inflammation,” the drugstore said. Lotions that have already been purchased can be returned to the corresponding dm stores. The purchase price will be refunded.

Source: Dpa

January 22: Unilever recalls “Knorr Fix” spice mix

Due to an incorrect label, Unilever Deutschland Holding has recalled its “Knorr Fix for Sour Roast” seasoning mix with the shelf life dates Of January, February and March 2021. Instead of the “vegetarian” logo, the packaging bears the “Vegan” logo as well as a reference to vegan preparation, the company announced in Hamburg on Friday. However, since the product actually contains dairy products and lactose, there is a risk of an allergic reaction. “The product is unsuitable for the vegan diet,” the company said. However, apart from this declaration error, the product is marked with a correct list of ingredients and is of perfect quality.

Source: Dpa

January 17: Aldi Nord recalls mozzarella

Aldi Nord is currently recalling the “Classico” variety of the article “D’Antelli Mozzarella, 125 g” with a best-before date of 21 January 2020. The company said the cheese may contain some plastic foreign bodies. The product concerned was sold in the Aldi companies Beucha, Greven, Hann. Münden, Herten, Hesel, Lingen, Scharbeutz, Schloß-Holte and Weimar. Customers can return the items to the stores and get a refund of the purchase price.

Source: Aldi Nord

January 17: Fox recalls Oregano

The spice manufacturer Fuchs is recalling its product “Fuchs Professional Oregano, 250 g-bags” due to undesirable ingredients. As the company in Dissen near Osnabrück announced, the recall was carried out for reasons of preventive consumer protection and in consultation with the competent authorities. The product can be returned to the store. The purchase price will be refunded.

Source: Dpa

January 15: Ikea recalls travel drinking cups

Ikea is recalling a travel drinking cup due to possible chemical contamination. The furniture store asks customers who have bought the “Troligtvis” mug with the name “Made in India” to stop using it. The statement on Wednesday said: “Current tests have shown that the prescribed limits of released chemicals may be exceeded.”

It is about dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – a substance that Ikea guidelines say is not to be found in products with contact with food. The cup has been sold since October 2019 and has now been taken out of the range. Customers who have bought it should bring it back and get their money back even without a receipt. The cup is called back as a precautionary measure, “although the risk of an immediate negative health impact is very low,” the statement said.

Source: Dpa

9 January: Danger of mould poison in Lubs fruit bars

Due to the danger of mould poison in figs, the Lübeck-based company Lubs has recalled two fruit bar varieties. The figs used for the “Mandel & Vanilla” and “Banana & Almond” bars showed an increased ochratoxin A (OTA) content, a company spokeswoman said in Lübeck on Thursday. This mould poison can have a kidney-damaging effect and can be carcinogenic if it is highly increased for long-term intake. The increased OTA content was found during a routine check in a batch of Turkish figs. Previously, the supplier’s analyses had measured values well below the required limit values. Lubs sells the bars nationwide primarily to organic supermarkets.

Affected are the almond-vanilla bars with the minimum durability dates 14.10.2020, 11.11.2020 and 12.12.2020 and for banana-almond bars with the dates 23.09.2020, 20.10.2020, 13.11.2020 and 12.12.2020.

Consumers will receive a refund of the purchase price, the company said. The proportion of figs in the bars is about 20 percent. According to its own information, the company only works with organic ingredients.

Source: Dpa

8 January: Fire hazard at Philips Avent baby monitor

British Philips subsidiary Philips Avent is recalling a model of the popular SCD620 baby monitor with video function as a precaution. As reported by the portal produktwarnung.eu, these are devices produced between January 2016 and March 2018. The company said that in rare cases, the battery of the parent device could overheat when it was plugged into the socket. According to the company, the recall is proceeding as a precautionary measure and in consultation with the relevant authorities. There have been no injuries or separate fires so far. However, the risk of an autonomous fire cannot be completely ruled out, Philips said in a customer statement.

Only devices with the following serial numbers are affected (to be found on the bottom of the parent device)


Affected persons can register their baby monitor on the Internet at www.philips.com/babymonitor-recall and receive a free new device.

Source: produktwarnung.eu

January 2: Decathlon recalls bike child seat

Decathlon is recalling the 100 B’CLIP bike seat. “As part of safety and quality controls, the team of our cycling brand B’TWIN – ELOPS has identified a potential risk in a limited number of specimens of the product,” it said in a statement. Customers who purchased the product between October 1, 2018 and November 20, 2019 are affected. In very rare cases, there may be a break in the fastening point of the seat belt fastener. This could happen if the attachment point on the seat shell before the closure has a bluish/turquoise discoloration. Customers can return the product to any Decathlon store and will receive either an identical or similar model or a refund of the purchase price, subject to availability.

Source: Produktwarnungen.eu

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