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Prices Care: how will the new program that will begin to take effect from next week


The national Government will renew next week the program Prices Carethat , according to the last extension would expire on the 7th of January. The new plan will have a wider choice of products, that will achieve a greater representation in the gondolas, and seeks to function as the central axis of the policy of local trade to 2021.

The new payroll will seek to add brands and varieties, but at the same time incorporate articles that today form part of the Price cap program, challenged by the food manufacturers in the last few weeks.

The goal is to “to incorporate a greater variety of products to the basket of Prices Care with the effective representativeness of the consumption of the households argentine and to be a true reference price in the gondolas of the shops,” he said this week the secretary of Interior Commerce, Paula English.

This initiative of the Government is a tool to get out of the freezing” established for some goods of first necessity at the beginning of the quarantine, she said. And noted that while “more robust and more representative” is the new basket, the national authorities will be able to “go deslistando more quickly.”

In that sense, both Spanish as the minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfascome explaining that the output of the Maximum Prices will be gradual, managed and orderly for the benefit of consumers and businesses in the remainder of the year and up to its completion date, scheduled for 31 January.

The Government's intention is that this program is the central policy of internal trade in 2021
The Government’s intention is that this program is the central policy of internal trade in 2021

The program will be renewed from next week currently a list of 401 products and it seeks to that is “absolutely strong and that will multiply the number of products for which there is a representation a lot more in the stores,” according to the secretary of Trade Interior.

On the other hand, the official also warned: “If it is not considered that they arrived at the basket of Prices Care enough representative in January, we will evaluate what to do with the freezing with some products, the 31st January that expires and, even if it is defined to leave frozen but with some increase to define”.

In the last week of December, the Spanish met with the provincial authorities in the areas of commerce around the country with the aim of call them to reinforce the monitoring for the compliance of this agreement in 2021 and add local versions of the plan.

During the meeting, stressed the centrality that have Prices Care in the next year and called “to redouble the work together with the jurisdictions, because there will be more products, more varieties and more brands, and will require collaboration of all the State agencies for the control and the monitoring.”

Gradually, Prices Care is going to absorb items that are currently embedded in Prices Maxima
Gradually, Prices Care is going to absorb items that are currently embedded in Prices Maxima

In addition, it was stated that “the main goal” for this year, “is work to expand the scope of the agreements reference price” at the provincial level or the municipal for that, that way, it may be rendered, “in each basket, the regional consumption and incorporate small-scale providers that do not have national reach but local”.

In mid-December, the Spanish held a meeting with several mayors buenos aires, in which they talked about this commercial policy, and noted the support of the heads of state to conduct the audits, “which allowed to reach almost 27 thousand inspections.”

In parallel, the Government ruled recently law of gondolasthat will be in effect from the first quarter of 2021 and that, among other things, establishes a maximum of 30% of the retail space-physical or virtual for a product category by supplier.

In addition, the legislation, passed by Congress in February of last year, requires that there be at least five providers of different groups of entrepreneurs and micro and small enterprises to have at least 25 percent of the retail space for each category of items.

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