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Pension, retirement, buying a house: With this tips, the Save succeeds

Save used to be beautiful. Since you dragged his piggy Bank to the local Bank, tipped it in front of the employees, the counted – and only a few moments later, a new amount emblazoned in the savings book. From a hand full of money was to become a printed line. Thus, fortune feels, it was thought at the time. And a little bit of it was so.

But the good old savings book is hardly attractive. Not because we have no money, that we could discard at the Bank. But because the interest rates are worthwhile. Annoyingly, the Save (at least for the age) is more important than ever due to the declining pension level. But if you want to buy a new car or buy a property, you must first Deposit money back. But where to start? Simple – as before – money in a piggy Bank?

In our photo story, we first have needs and expectations: What do you want to buy? Why do you want to save? You ask for money rather anxious or a gambler? And: We reveal how to submit to more discipline when it comes to money matters. Because during the Pushing of this topic, you can lose a lot of time.

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