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More action, less damage economy

Corruption remains a Problem in Germany, which employs the investigative authorities and the economy. In the past year, the police counted 5428 crime in this area. This is one of the Federal situation of corruption, the Federal criminal police office (BKA) has published at the beginning of the week.

Compared to 2018, the overall numbers have grown, although, in the five-year average, but show strong fluctuations. The BKA explained the major procedures, which were conducted in individual States. Such a procedure with many individual cases and many accused persons can move the average considerably.

In the annual Index of the non-governmental organization Transparency International, Germany is in ninth place. This measures the extent to which corruption in 180 countries, is perceived – space-9 is positive. Nevertheless, the results of the BKA promised nothing Good. For years, companies and authorities strive for Compliance, so that employees laws, policies, and self-imposed moral codes to adhere to. Damage caused by corruption, bears, as a rule, the company, for example, when taxpayers ‘ money are missing, which could be invested in schools, the culture, the streets or in the housing. In purely mathematical terms, each act resulted in a loss of 41 000 euros in the previous year, there were 142 000 euros.

In spite of prevention measures, the numbers of cases are in two major areas increased, both in the active and passive bribery of public officials, such as officials and judges, on the other, in the course of business. The BKA is a large dark field, because the perpetrators do not show up in the rule, to each other.

The investigators distinguish between givers and takers. The former are mainly people from the economy; they originate from the services sector, the automotive, construction, defence and pharmaceutical industries. On the slave side, officials to hold the hands. Curious: In the past year, mainly for tickets for events, with which government employees could attract. Officials who fear that with every criminal case is always of service, legal consequences, endangering the steady Job so sometimes for a few hundred euros.

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