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HomeBusinessMicrosoft Ex-employee was cheating the group of around ten million US dollars

Microsoft Ex-employee was cheating the group of around ten million US dollars

Nine Years In Prison
Ex-Microsoft employee convicted of: what mesh he brought the group to ten million dollars

A former Microsoft employee took advantage of his Position in the company, to the group in millions of US dollars to cheat

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An Ex-Microsoft employee was found in Washington in 18 counts of guilty – prior to that, he made off with the stolen money from his employer, a beautiful life, together with Villa and a sports car.

A former Microsoft employee has been sentenced in the US state of Washington to nine years in prison. As the United States attorney’s office announced that stole the man the Tech-group, by abuse of its powers, around ten million US dollars and took from the stolen money, a Villa on the lake, as well as a sports car. In total, he was found in 18 counts of guilty, including multiple money laundering, wire fraud and identity theft.

In addition to the prison sentence, the Ex has to pay employees more than 8,34 million US dollars, moreover, under threat of deportation to the man of Ukrainian descent, according to the release.

Microsoft: How of employees, huge sums could steal

The Prosecutor’s office, according to Microsoft in charge of the Convicts, together with a Team from August 2016 to June 2018, when he was finally fired up to test the Microsoft Store and to improve. To this end, he and the other employees were given separate Accounts, and expanded rights, allowing you to make test purchases – without that, these were led by a fraud filter. The employee took advantage of and took so many coupon codes and Coupons from Microsoft, which he verhökerte finally, in the case of a third party.

Thus, the Ex-employee gave a good life With the money he deposited on a detour with Cryptocurrency, finally, on his account, he according to the report, a property with a value of approximately $ 1.6 million and a sporty Tesla for about 160,000 US dollars. The fraud took place initially only on his Account, but later he used also the Accounts of his colleagues for the theft. In court, he stated that he did not want to cheat Microsoft, but that he had been working on a special project that the company should benefit.

As his crimes were finally discovered, writes the Prosecutor’s office. Perhaps the staff but fell through his tax Declaration, in which he declared the cheated gains in the Form of Bitcoins as a “gift from a relative”. Also his luxurious lifestyle could have made colleagues suspicious.

Source:United States Department of Justice

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