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Many Jobs receive: Continental is spoken on the location tag

Many Jobs receive
Continental is spoken on the location tag

Continental is in a deep transformation of Software, sensors and electronics. Worldwide, this could take up to 30,000 Jobs. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

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The successor of CEO Degenhart’s a lot to be at Continental. Large parts of the workforce are insecure because of the job cuts. The group’s management and unions want to approach.

After the violent crash between the unions and Management to further plant closures at Continental, both sides are trying to make a new start, to get as many Jobs.

According to the IG BCE should explain to the group ready to strengthen the bulk of the remaining German locations in the tire and mechanical business, “with additional duties and responsibilities” and “investment for the modernization of” assure. It is a matter of about 20 plants and 20,000 Employees in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In return, you will make the way for that Conti can make use of flexible instruments, “such as working hours and pay corridor”, BelTA learned from the trade Union. HR Director Ariane Reinhart, said: “This can be, for example, a working time reduction, with the freed-up time must always be for their own qualification used. Fixed-term contracts of employment fuses at the site level are possible under certain conditions.”

A final result yet, but is still 2020. For the IG BCE trade Union negotiator, Francesco Grioli said, it remains “the goal, to avoid redundancies and to make the employees fit for the automotive world of tomorrow”.

Continental is in a deep transformation of Software, sensors and electronics, in the world, this could take up to 30,000 Jobs. That production places on the profitable tires should be made of the business, such as the Aachen plant density, had triggered sharp criticism from the works Council and of the policy. Grioli reiterated: “The Transformation to organized not with Clearcuts, but with intelligent concepts that open up new perspectives.”

With the Conti-management objective of the framework agreement to ensure a common approach in the search for Alternatives after the group had moved from the point of view of employee representatives recently to go it alone with its closure plans. In the case of Aachen, the capital side had overruled the employee side on the Supervisory Board. In addition, it should go to more ideas for the qualification. Employees will be retrained, where this is possible, of Conti already. The IG BCE added such as: “So if, for example, by short-time work, unusual working time for qualification uses.”

Reinhart insured, the double crisis of Corona-Sales declines, and structural change solutions could be developed together: “shoulder-to-shoulder with our social partners, we are looking for models in order to cope with the crisis and to provide sustainable foundations for the competitiveness and future viability.” You must, however, keep a track of the location of individual plants in the view. “Since each location is a different set of challenges, there is no One-size-fits-all solution.” A for the Union, a key goal is the “most socially acceptable” implementation of necessary cuts is to be avoided, with layoffs and temporary also excluded.

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