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Low capacity utilization: BER-Chef included in the opening day, with around 5000 passengers

Low Utilization
BER-Chef included in the opening day, with around 5000 passengers

Look into the departure hall of the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg. Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

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Not quite two weeks – then the new capital city airport is to be taken with a year-long delay in operation. Not much is likely to be los on the first day.

The chief of the capital’s new airport BER, Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, anticipating for the first day of operation on December 31. October in the main terminal-T1 with around 5000 passengers.

If one week later the airport Tegel closes, would be handled at T1, then, around 16,000 passengers, said Lütke Daldrup. A further 8000 passengers would then.over the Schönefeld airport travel, which serves as a Terminal 5 of the BER

Overall, the utilization of am to the beginning of flight operations at BER only about 20 percent of the October and November level, on the weekends a little higher at around one-third. “We have, of course, this is sufficient capacity to deal with all the disturbances. We have been preparing intensively in special processes.”

At the end of last week the sample was operating at the airport to the end, in the since April, the operations on the site and checked have been tested. Around 10,000 Volunteers took part in the following weeks and months. You rehearsed for the baggage drop, security check and boarding the plane. “We have done 54.000 booking processes,” said Lütke Daldrup. Also, the processes at the station directly under the main terminal, were tested.

As a consequence, the Exercises, the signs were redesigned or replaced in order to ensure a better orientation. Additional rubbish bins have been placed at the airport, because the previous had not been sufficient.

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