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Loudly but peacefully: environmentalists protest against power plant Datteln 4

Environmentalists have today, loudly, but peacefully against the power plant Datteln 4 protested.

“We are in the best greetings to the obviously incompetent government,” said Luisa Neubauer of the environmental organisation Fridays for the Future. “We are going to stop this power plant, we will bring it to a standstill, we will win this conflict.”

The protests are directed against the beginning of the commercial operation of the coal-fired power plant in Datteln. In addition to Fridays for the Future, even many supporters of Greenpeace and the end of the site took part in the demonstrations. Already in the night, the activists who radiates the power plant with lettering such as “climate crisis, made in Germany” will be displayed.

According to police, Recklinghausen from the Saturday, at midday, the demonstrations were initially peaceful. There are a total of ten meetings had been at the power plant site and logged in. The vigils and actions should continue throughout the day.

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