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Large customers will fall away: Large rolls of unsolicited sales slump in toilet paper

The toilet paper manufacturer, Ille have to sign up in the crisis short-time work. “Many of our customers were affected by the governmental closures. Accordingly, the sales of toilet paper in the March and April broke,” said Executive Director Marion Gottschalk.

Ille supplies Hotels, gastronomy, industry and trade, as well as the public administration, schools, cinemas and a fitness center with special toilet paper rolls, which are frequently greater than the usual household roles.

The company had reported in the April revenue losses in the case of toilet paper by up to 30 percent, a spokeswoman said. “Therefore, we have reduced our back orders, nevertheless, the stocks are due to the low sales currently have increased.” Since may is the been short reduced work Department and are partially canceled.

The sale of smaller roles on super markets and online shops have not be able to cover the losses in the case of Ille. The sell-off in the super markets is the result from the point of view of the managing Director Gottschalk only a small part of on hamster purchases. “In fact, the more people were at home and needed toilet paper.”

The brand Tork, with the help of the company Essity supplied to large customers, such as office buildings, Restaurants and health care facilities with toilet paper, has seen a decline in demand. At the same time, the demand for toilet paper in other brands, the company has increased, but. “The weighted company-wide largely,” said a spokeswoman. Short-time working had never been an issue.

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