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Jan Marsalek: Incorrect track on the Philippines economy

Where is Jan Marsalek? The former Board of management of Wirecard is submerged. One of the first clues to Manila led astray.

It would have been too easy. Jan Marsalek, former Wirecard Board with contacts all over the world, plunges after the middle of June, the company imploded because it became clear that 1.9 billion euros in the balance sheets and, possibly, a large part of the business in Asia – and then the first track, the public leads directly to him.

Where is Marsalek? The new Wirecard-Board of Directors, the liquidators and the public Prosecutor’s office in Munich would like to know.

Now, at least, is clear: In the Philippines, as it was first called, was the 40-Year-old on his escape, apparently never. And not travelled from there to China. The track is misleading.

The data that the Mars Aleks arrival at the 23. June, and his departure should be documented on the next day, were counterfeit, said the Philippine Minister of justice Menardo Guevarra on Saturday. This lists a study of the recordings of surveillance cameras, passenger, and other Material.

“The immigration officials, have made these fictitious entries were relieved of their duties and must now face administrative punishments,” said Guevarra, without mentioning the exact number of employees. He had arranged for further investigation in the case.

Guevarra had already spoken shortly after the alleged entry of Mars, Aleks anomalies – -the Manager was not seen on any of the surveillance cameras at the airport. Nevertheless, he could not completely exclude that Marsalek was in the country, – said the politician. “We are an island state, and there are loopholes through which foreign nationals unnoticed can hatch.” According to Guevarras Marsalek had been earlier in the year in the Philippines – from the 3. to 5. March.

The Philippines are the focus of the affair, because the lack of a 1.9 billion Euro were supposed to be parked in trust accounts of two banks in the country. However, the banks concerned had made in the middle of June to the public, that the account documents were fake and never a business relationship with Wirecard have passed.

Wirecard is to have already since 2014 tricks

According to the denied EY-Testat the defense strategy of Wirecard in mid-June, fell within hours. Never in the history of the DAX companies is crashed so quickly. The share price fell within a few days of about 100 Euro on intermittently for just over a Euro. Currently, he is a little over three euros. Billions of euros in market value were destroyed, investors lost most of their Investments. Partners and customers, announced the business relationships to dissolve. Finally, Wirecard had to file for bankruptcy.

Marsalek is the key figure in the balance sheet scandal, in addition to Ex-CEO Markus Braun, who had built up the company and to the outside represented. Marsalek, who is responsible for the operational business, set up the business in Asia and was especially for the numerous third-party partner is responsible, their activities have accounted for a large part of the turnover and profit of Wirecard.

Meanwhile, investigators have evidence that Wirecard has deceived in its balance sheets since 2014. To leave, to the value of the company greater speed than he actually was, and to be more attractive for investors. Against brown and Marsalek being investigated for accounting fraud and market manipulation. However, while brown turned himself in to the Prosecutor’s office against a million bail to free the foot has been set, Marsalek are looking for. Looks like the search for him would be complicated even.

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