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It is to be modernised railway presents results for ICE route of the Augsburg-Ulm

It should be modernised
Rail presents results for ICE route of the Augsburg-Ulm

A train on the railway line Augsburg-Ulm. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa

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The line Ulm-Augsburg is a problem child for the German railway. Both ICE trains and regional Railways will be slowed down. Now to be modernized. The fronts are hardened.

The Deutsche Bahn wants to push ahead with the Expansion of the ICE route Augsburg-Ulm in the Corona-crisis. Therefore, the group intends to introduce today, in Augsburg, the first planning results.

Beginning in 2019, the railway had begun the planning for probably about two billion Euro rail project. The track is available as an “urgent requirement” in the Federal transport infrastructure plan to 2030.

In particular, the route between two adjacent cities is a controversial issue. A number of municipal politicians from Swabia feared that due to the Expansion of high-speed regional transport route could be suspended. You therefore require an Expansion of the existing, already more than 160 years old range. Others advocate the construction of a complete new route parallel to the motorway a 8 (Munich-Stuttgart).

So far, the regional trains between Ulm and Augsburg and on to Munich, two of the tracks on the track with the ICE trains share must. This leads to the very heavily used regional trains have to wait often in the train stations, a late ICE over allow.

Many local authorities demand, as a result, on the one hand, the existing line will be upgraded and also a third Track for the regional Railways to Gessertshausen in the district of Augsburg will be built. The railway has announced that the Expansion should be done in dialogue with the population.

The approximately 85 km long route between Ulm and Augsburg is part of the European Rail axis between Paris and Budapest. It is by one of the busiest routes in the South of Germany. By Expanding the travel time between Ulm and Augsburg is to be pressed to less than half an hour, around ten minutes should be saved.

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