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“It can’t be that a player is done as well”: ex-president of Pumas fell against the policy that he left to Tony Garcia

(Photo: File)
Mario Trejo, former president of the University Club (Picture: File)

After the release of the the case of José Antonio Garcíathe former jewel of the Pumas of the UNAM today is in wheelchairallegedly by a injury in the groin ill served on the part of the club, this Tuesday Mario Trejo, former president of the university team during their recent championships (2009 and 2011), he fell against the directors left to drift to the young man of 28 years age.

And is that Trejo recalls with much affection to the former defender, as it was the witness of their successful football education in the lower categories, from u-13 to u-17, and therefore lamented his current state that he’s already away from the courts and now puts you at risk of not to go back to walking. Said so in an interview for the chain ESPN.

How can a professional player who represents an institution as important as the Cougars end this way? I swear to you that I despair to think that there is bad faith because it can’t be that a player is done as well

(Photo: Instagram/ @tonogarciaf)
Due to an injury, the Tarzan had to leave the football, continuing with their medical treatments and have to be temporarily in a wheelchair (Photo: Instagram/ @tonogarciaf)

For Trejo is amazing medical malpractice that allegedly suffered “Toño” in the presidency of Rodrigo Ares de Parga and with the former directors Antonio Sancho, as he pointed out that all the players of the Liga MX should be guaranteed the best attention by means of their insurance for major medical expenses.

All teams and all players have a health insurance, only someone with a true irresponsibility and with an insensitivity to brutal you can allow these things (…) Maybe they do not have insurance because they escaped or because they made it easy not to hire her, perhaps is the possibility that they had no money by the pandemic ( … ) How is it possible that you don’t have the money to support a player that came out of the quarry?

While the current policy of Pumas is not the responsible for the scandal that has enraged countless players, Mario stated that yes it is affecting the image of the club.

Usually doctors of the University Club are highly qualified (…) I don’t know what it is that has happened because there are also things that are not very clear

It therefore requested the policy feline that for humanity and respect for the university they represent to help his former player in this case unprecedented:

Since it is not a question of apportioning blame but to find solutions, to the best of the guilty, nor are (…) Utumn came out of the quarry of Pumas. You simply can not stop, can not stop without help, do you have that support

To Pumas urges the championship

UNAM Pumas defeated the last Sunday 1-0 at Toluca (Photo: EFE)
UNAM Pumas defeated the last Sunday 1-0 at Toluca (Photo: EFE) (Jose Mendez/)

The last time that the college lifted the trophy of the Liga MX was in the Closing 2011when defeated 3 to 2 to the extinct Monarchs Moreliain the Olympic stadium University, and when Mario Trejo was still its president.

Almost a decade of drought, holds that a team called “big” can’t spend that much time without being championin spite of the good tournament that is taking.

If you don’t strengthen your image big team with results of championships of course, weakens, weakens the image. If you neglect to spend as many years as it is right now already nearly 10 of the last championship, obviously, that your image of aspiring campeonar is becoming less and less

Currently Pumas is located in the second place the tournament Opening 2020 with 27 points and a single defeat. Its next meeting will be October 26, when they visit the Tuzos of Pachucawho are in eighth place.


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