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Important Tips on Multigenerational Wealth Transfer from Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA) www.ahqa.com

Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA) www.ahqa.com has specialized over the past 20 years in working with multigenerational families in building wealth and in the safe transfer of assets, IP to the next generations.

Edinburgh, June 6, 2022 – Alexander Jourdain – Principal and Senior Investment Adviser at Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA www.ahqa.com), specializes in working with multigenerational families. Alex’s focus is to provide affluent families with comprehensive investment plans and advise while focusing on cross-generational perpetuity. For us at AHQA multigenerational wealth management comes as an indispensable component to each client portfolio. We do not see it as just passing wealth down to successors but making sure the estate continues to grow at a safe and sustainable pace.

Building wealth while aiming to pass it on to successors is a subject that most of our clients are keen to address as soon as they start working with us. Most of our clients value safety and continuity. An adequate cross-generational strategy is valuable for our client because it can help provide them with the financial foundation to live a comfortable, secure life. A child who inherits sufficient money to pay for his or her education will graduate from college with no debt and this is a huge head start in adulthood.

Multigenerational wealth planning can set up your loved ones for success much earlier in life. Not only will they be able to begin building their own wealth sooner, they can take advantage of opportunities that might not have been available to them otherwise.

At Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory AHQA we help you choose what is right for you from different structures such as Living Trust, Joint Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, QTIP Trusts. There are a wide array of options that you can choose from, each offering its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. The task is to choose wisely.

We are committed to our search for better, more efficient and sustainable solutions to both generating and passing wealth.

Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory’s competitive edge is in our use of alternative asset allocation mixed with a strong application of new AI technology, to monitor performance, process data and generate new investment models.


Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisors is a pioneer in computational finance and digital asset advisory.
We represent the evolution of the archetypical investment advisory firm. Our research and investment approach adheres strictly to mathematical and statistical methods and our results and relentless dedication to excellence have placed us at the apex of alternative asset research and fiduciary advisory.

Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisors provides family-office services centred on a full range of hands-on, customized asset management services to increase your financial success.

At AHQA, we believe that working alongside an adviser does not have to mean handing over control of your portfolio. Investors with a significant amount of assets simply want an extra pair of hands to give their portfolio an extra push.

With our investment advisory services, our team strategizes with our clients to make calculated investment purchases. This may include both automated and personal assistance.

Investment advisory services come in a wide range or forms and at various levels of involvement. Some investors want a holistic portfolio management style while others want to target capital assets. Whatever investment style the account holder wishes to abide by, the account decisions will be made based on how well it fits within the portfolio’s goals and time horizon.

AHQA’s investment approach sits at the nexus of cryptography, game theory, network and behavioural economics, competitive strategy, computer science, early stage investing, and portfolio management.

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