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Implementation problem: the car expert Bratzel charging network-the”peak holding” is superfluous

Implementation problem
Car expert Bratzel charging network-the”peak holding” is superfluous

A Parking space with a charging station for electric cars. The Federal Ministry of transport plans, together with the Ministry of the economy and the industry as a top meeting on the subject of charging stations. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

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Of the ambitious objectives of the Federal government for more E-cars on German streets, the car traffic is still far. What is also a lack of charging infrastructure. Another “summit” of industry and politics help?

The plans of the Federal government and the automotive industry for a charging stations-“the summit” are, in the opinion of the industry expert Stefan Bratzel superfluous.

“Actually, no summit is needed, we know of many issues,” said Bratzel of the German press Agency. “We have less of a knowledge problem than an implementation problem.” E-mobility and the necessary charging infrastructure were for many years a theme. However, on the part of the Federal government and also the manufacturer has so far been done too little, and even now it only slowly, said the Professor for automotive Economics at the University of applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach.

Bratzel stressed that the implementation of many of the questions are still open. To clarify is about how motorists authenticate to the charging stations, as the charging process is settled, and how is it ensured that the charging stations are not blocked by fully loaded vehicles. “It’s up in the private sector,” said Bratzel. “We need to upgrade the distribution networks, that not only the neighbour can store his car also, but also the neighbor of the neighbor.” In addition, smart grids are necessary, which regulate, those who when to his car.

“Without a sufficient density of charging infrastructure, without the availability and reliability of the market will not work run on the roads,” he said. “It is not only about quantity but also about the charging infrastructure will be reliably operated and works.”

As the Federal transport Ministry announced that it plans jointly with the Ministry of economy and the industry as a top meeting on the subject of charging stations. Even the Director of the automotive Association VDA, Hildegard Müller called for a charging network-“the summit”. The German network of charging stations for E-cars must be urgently expanded. “I would like to have a charging network summit with all the players, and should take place before Christmas,” was Müller said the editorial network Germany (RND/Friday). Among the important topics of accelerated planning procedures and facilitated permits for charging stations at gas stations, the Expansion of green electricity, and an exemption of the charging current from the EEG levy.

Bratzel said: “A summit is always a bit of a symbol of the event.” But if such a Meeting contributing to the theme of awareness, “then I’m all for a summit”.

The Federal government has set up seven to ten million E-cars on German roads in Germany until 2030 is necessary to achieve climate protection goals. Of this target, car traffic is far, however, is still far: in the beginning of 2020 inventory of 47.7 (2019: EUR 47.1 million) of only 0.5 (from 0.3) in the entire Car-percent pure electric cars or Plug-In Hybrids. Pent-up demand, experts see especially during the charging network. Currently, there is a charging point according to VDA information, the average for 13 of the electric cars available, and already in half a year, 20 cars would be expected to have a share.

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