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Homeless due to Corona: woman lives in a tent in the woods

Homeless since the first Lockdown: a woman lives in the forest

A woman sits in her tent in the woods (icon image)

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A 34-Year-old was dismissed during the period of the Corona-lock downs to your Job at McDonald’s. She had to give up her room and moved with her Partner into the forest. On a social housing waiting in vain.

Melissa Norman lost in March, your Job at McDonald’s in Torbay in the UK. The Fast-Food company could not keep its employees due to the lock downs. Only a few days earlier, the 34-Year-old was dragged into a Hostel in 100 pounds (about 110 Euro) per week for Living had to pay. They could not now afford more.

Since Norman had to leave for financial reasons, the Hostel, she lives with her Partner in a tent in the woods. Until she gets from the city Council support in the Form of a social housing could take a year, reported British media as the “Metro”.

Homelessness is increasing

“I’ve worked since I was 16 years old and I have always paid my taxes. I think this is disgusting,” she says. “Because I the time I you [das Amt, Anm. d. Red.] informed that I would need support, even an accommodation for a day, they refuse to help me.”

Melissa Norman hopes that the city finally opens “your eyes. Not only me, this is a much bigger Problem. How should someone get out of this Situation, when there is so little help?”, she asks, according to the “Metro”. A spokesman for the city Council, took to the overall situation: “We see a tremendous increase in Inquiries for our offer for accommodations. Our Team is working very hard to secure temporary accommodation for the needy.”

Cancelled Festivals mean: no sleeping bags for the homeless

For the Winter, Melissa builds Norman on the Path (People Assisting Torbay’s Homeless). A local Community, which helps those facing homelessness or already are in the middle. But, unfortunately, great difficulties also exist here. As the founder, Kath Frederick the “Metro” explained, the Numbers of the homeless by the Coronavirus enormous. “Normally we would get, for example, sleeping bags for Festivals, so people do not freeze in the Winter on the streets,” she explains, “But as all Festivals have been cancelled this year, we have no available.”

In addition, they emphasized once again the services of the town of Torbay: There is a phone number that one could call, if one was homeless. Up but they would have checked if the call was Person really is homeless, it could take a while.

Sources: “Metro” / “Ladbible”

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