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Home Office – Every response is valuable – economy

Because a lot of people have been inactive since the Corona-pandemic from the Home Office of your professional activity, is limited to the usual, direct exchange with other people. Many of the workers impacted. All the more important for those Affected is your daily routine in the own four walls structured to divide. This does not help to drift into a mental downward spiral.

“When the mood is bad, then our activity rate falls, and Vice versa. This vicious circle we must break through by doing disciplined things that need to be done,” says the psychologist and organization consultant Martin Daume from Frankfurt. The special challenge in the Home Office, the lack of desire to increase for the job. Often, employees would prefer to just out of belonging to a shared office their Motivation for their professional tasks.

Many develop in the Home Office negative feelings

“One of the basic human needs to increase pleasure and to avoid unpleasure. Which leads to kidney prokrasti, so things defer,” says Daume. However, the effect of the short-term desire to increase ensures that the Frustration is absent on loose ends. On The Contrary. The frustration can be even worse because of the stress factor is increased by the deferment, and it is then difficult, unpleasant tasks to tackle.

Currently Daume care for increasingly more patients, which create the change in the usual working environment so, that makes your whole Routine collapses. You don’t see yourself in the situation, the same processes in the Home Office as in the office, even though the work has not changed. “There are people who so desperately need your Routine to be powerful, that it comes to a total failure if a single component goes down.”

After all, it is up to the home worker often found himself, how he structured the day. “The Home Office provides the opportunity to structure themselves according to his biorhythms and work with them more effectively. But not everyone can do. Some require the bracket to the personal attendance requirement in the company,” says behavior therapist and depth psychologist Thomas Lukowski from Munich.

Isolation, the fear of a disease and the loss of a job or the care of family members in order to drive the people. Going to work helps some to control these Fears. In the Home Offce, it can happen that they develop more negative feelings, which stimulate the production of stress hormones such as cortisone.

Per day 45 minutes in the fresh air create a perfect balance

The more stress hormones, the more difficult it is to find solutions. A of help Sport. “Exercise reduces stress hormones and reward the body with a production of neuro-hormones such as dopamine, Endocannabinoids, or Endorphin, which in turn, will increase our well-being,” says Lukowski. Each course is therefore valuable, even at home. In order to produce an optimal balance in hormone balance, was a 45-minute walk per day is necessary to increase the heart rate to speed up the circulation of the blood and claim the muscles. “The body does not build everything he needed. This is true for muscles and bone as well as the capacity of the brain. Everything has to remain in motion,” says Lukowski, a self-Trainer for sport climbing.

Also, the blending of Private and work life due to the Home Office an unpleasant side effect for many. “The Private is a key value and the work of other area of life. A strict separation to be retained, therefore, some of the workers,” says Lukowski. Especially if children are in the house. The can slow down also and make a valuable contribution to the reduction of stress, if you dealt with them, but you can also create constant noise and the concentration to interfere.

While connected to home, normally a gear is, the workplace of the competition. “It is a typical phenomenon in the Home Office to take this competition home. Because the conditions are not there, but is not always optimal, it is not wise to compare its own performance with the performance of others,” says psychologist Daume. To do this, and notes that one lags behind the other behind, it can reinforce the negative thoughts. “It’s definitely a fine line between happiness and unhappiness, on which the workers move.”

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