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Hoarding: The noodle is for sure – the economy

The noodle has not been appreciated as an anchor of Stability in the crisis sufficiently. No matter what the reputable consumer research Institute to ask whether it is the GfK or Nielsen, all attest: The recourse to the pasta, in any Form, was in the epidemiologically so far, most challenging months of March to may in Germany, the most common crisis management strategy. According to GfK and Nielsen will be expressed in an exponential increase in pasta sales in the trade that, would you represent it graphically, the spread of the Coronavirus would be similar. The noodle paragraph and the pandemic course correlate to some extent proportional.

In this respect, it is a good message, if given, once again, rapidly increasing infection of the probably most well-known pasta manufacturers in Europe, Barilla from Italy, the Expansion of a self-initiated noodle-train-pay announces link between Parma and Langenau near Ulm. The timing of the “Pasta-turn,” knows only one direction: straight to the top. In March, the beginning of the pandemic in Europe, only two trains per week to the South of Germany, end of June, already three, and now it could soon be four, announces the launch of Barilla.

Each train consists of 16 cars with a total of 32 containers, which, in turn, are loaded, respectively, with 490 tons of Pasta, 60 tons of sauces, and 40 tons of Pesto. So the Numbers in the abstract may appear, they convey the feeling: That could be enough for this Winter. The noodle is safe.

560 km of the route over the Alps is long; and only 100 kilometres as the crow flies is Parma to Bergamo, the place that is known worldwide as the epicenter of the disease in Italy. Nevertheless, Barilla-Manager Bastian Diegel says: “In March, Barilla delivered 50 percent more pasta to Germany than in the same month last year.” The works, also in the North of Italy, were, despite the state of emergency is in full swing. “In some of his works was produced during the lock downs, more Pasta than ever before,” says the logistics expert , “albeit at significantly higher costs.”

Even now, Barilla is well-equipped for what may come. However: “The need for stock purchases,” Diegel won’t speak of panic, “is as large as in the first wave.” For the pasta, paragraph, in turn, is not so conducive. Diegel says it this way: “to eat At home the people noodles more than in the cafeteria, or daycare center.” Where: valid data no.

The train has, in turn, are in many ways positive, also for Barilla. First of all, this protects the environment. Previously, Barilla was the Pasta in Truck transport, with the train now 6000 tonnes of CO2 to be blown less in the atmosphere, estimates that the company – 70 percent less. And: “thanks to the turn we can narrow down the cost for transportation is much better, and to estimate, as it was previously with the Truck not the case,” says Diegel. The noodle is not only safe, but also calms the ecological Conscience. You might think that Barilla would have more than the German logistics prize in this week.

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