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Hairdresser’s visit in Corona times: No eyebrow care, no shaving – nothing is as before

From 4 May, hair salons will be allowed to reopen after several weeks of forced break in the Corona crisis. However, a number of requirements apply to ensure that no one is infected with the virus there. Drinking a coffee and reading a magazine while letting your hair dry? That is a thing of the past. The visit to the hairdresser will not be as usual.

Do I have to wear a mouthguard in the hair salon?

Yes. When operating, both hairdressers and customers must wear a mouth-nose protection. You can bring your own, but the salons will probably also provide some. There should be no problems with cutting, says Jörg Müller, chief executive of the Central Association of German Hairdressers. If necessary, the loops are taken from the ear for a short time. In order to prevent the mouthguard from falling off, the customer could hold it during this time.

How will the new requirements affect prices?

Customers will probably have to pay more when visiting a hairdresser in the future. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the additional time required by the new protection standard. On the other hand, hair salons have to spend more money on protective equipment such as disposable gloves, masks and disinfectants. All this leads to a moderate increase in prices, according to the Central Association.

However, it is not possible to quantify exactly how expensive a haircut will become in the future – this is determined by each salon itself. The Association of German Hairdressing Companies expects an average price increase of one to two euros.

Will all services continue to be offered?

No. Customers will have to adjust to some cuts. “Facial services such as eyebrow and eyelash coffins, shaving and beard care are not currently allowed to be carried out,” the protection standard states. This is particularly true of hairdressers who specialize in beards. In the future, you can only offer men’s haircuts.

Men will also be able to avoid a wet haircut. Washing hair becomes mandatory for all customers. In this way, possible viruses in the hair are to be killed. It is not enough to wash your own hair before visiting the hairdresser. On the way to the salon, one could come into contact with the virus again.

A glass of water or a cup of coffee will also be temporarily not available at the hairdresser’s. It is also forbidden to read a magazine while cutting hair or drying hair. Both are intended to reduce the risk of infection in the salons.

Can you only have an appointment with an appointment to the hairdresser?

In theory, so-called walk-in hairdressers, i.e. those without appointments, are still allowed. Nevertheless, the Central Association recommends that appointments be made. Due to the expected high demand for the reopening, it will be difficult to get a haircut without an announcement. The protection standard also prohibits waiting areas in the salons. In case of doubt, customers would have to wait for a free seat in front of the salon.

What if a customer or employee is tested positive for the coronavirus?

For this purpose, all customers should leave their contact details in the hair salon. This includes not only the address, but also the mobile phone number or e-mail address. In this way, infection chains can be traced and interrupted. By the way, if you do not want to provide your data, there is no operation. “Customers can only be served if they agree with the documentation,” the occupational health and safety standard states.

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