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Gummy bears instead of vegetables – economy

Kim Kardashian is promoting on Instagram gummy bears, which is said to contain vitamins that promote hair growth.

(Photo: instagram.com/kimkardashian)

Of course, all the tracks eventually lead to Kylie Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, the three sirens of Marketing for Millennials. There is a photo from the year 2019 to see the Jenner – with perfectly styled and shiny hair, and flawless skin; but as always, her appearance is only the catalyst to promote and advertise a product. In this case, there are gummy bears the brand’s Sugar Bear Hair, and Jenner promises your consumables 198.3 million followers that you have, therefore, more beautiful hair and healthier is. Oh, yeah: half-sister Kardashian had advertised the same product for a few weeks before that, also with a photo of 190 million subscribers, the vegan vitamin gummy bears would even taste delicious and increase General welfare.

The dietary Supplement industry will grow this year in the United States, a study by Ibis World, according to 36,17 billion dollars, and about a third of them, especially in young adults, so popular Vitamin-Booster into chewy candy or Gummy bear Form. They contain all the things that are popular with health-conscious people such as blue-green algae, barley grass, Chlorella, spinach and Kale. Of course, you could take all the stuff directly to the marketing is directed at a Generation that has brought convenience to the life Maxim: There is someone who is shopping for a (Postmates), stuff for cooking perfect Hello fresh) or a picture delivers pre-packaged (hang (Task Rabbit) – because of the vitamins fit in gummy bears Packed but perfect for Millennials.

That is what the Marketing of this industry aims. Ten years ago, there were these candies for children, the marketing principle functioned in a similar way: The parents are led to believe that their children could suffer from defects, but which primary school students opens voluntarily his mouth, if he is a grey-green pill with a glass of water? So bears, maybe even with well-known faces, such as the flintstones or the Simpsons on it, the taste delicious. As a result, it developed the sweets for adults, there are smurf blue Teddy bear for great hair, which look great on the profiles of Instagram Influencers, just as the products are advertised. And almost all of them promise that they should remain forever a child (or at least slower, older), if you eat the products.

Paltrow’s Lifestyle money printing machine Goop feil offers sweets, energy, focus, or even the genes of teenagers promise. The product names sound like tongue-in-cheek (“Balls in the Air”, “Nerd Alert”, “Why am I so Effing Tired”), the descriptions are so vague that you sound as if you are the “miracle healer” would have been written in the Wild West, the people water offered, which should help against the flu, open wounds and evil spirits at the same time. And it does not harm to take 3333% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B12, or?

The Germans are in this year, the forecast of the Federal Statistical office, in the field of Beauty & Personal Care, a total of almost 15 billion euros to implement, by 2025, a market volume of just under 17 billion. In this country there are fruit gums for beautiful hair, smooth skin and a youthful sense of life, which contain products of the Munich-based Start-ups Bears with Benefits about hemp oil, Biotin and collagen, and look as if they were only for Instagram photos have been created.

Only: What is it about these products, or, perhaps, even more interesting: What’s in it? A monthly pack of Sugar Bear Hair costs more than 30 dollars, the 8 Greens Gummies 55, a of Goop, even for 90 dollars. Because the product Bears with Benefits, the promise of such great things as a reduction of oxidative Stress and signs of photoaging, and control of Hyper-pigmentation, with 24,50 Euro per glass a bargain. The people need this, and you should really pay so much for it?

“Not many people are plagued by serious deficiencies, or so sick that they need supplements,” says Chuck Bell of the Non-Profit organization Consumer Reports. He estimates that only about ten percent of Americans suffer from defects, to be fixed by the beans: “Marketing tells people that you don’t miss what is, when you take these products.” It is a child is tender promise that will be delivered: You have no vegetables to eat, as a reward bears’a rubber. Medically necessary it was, but the promise of most of products also not. The promise of youthful appearance, more wellbeing, more energy – things that prove to be difficult, but also difficult to refute can.

The Portal Business Insider has recently published an analysis and several studies have cited that healthy adults need no food-supplements and most of the products have no more effect than the Placebo effect. In addition, they show that the information of the ingredients were often inaccurate, even if the vegan gelatin-substitute pectin leave more room for additions.

The multi-billion dollar industry represents less a triumph of new knowledge or the improvement of production in the food sector, but a Triumph of Marketing – as is often the case, if the tracks lead to the sirens.

Jerry Rolon
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