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German Manager of the US election: “I am with the outcome very satisfied” – economy

More climate protection, more predictability, better trade relations: What German managers about the U.S. presidential election and Donald Trump say.


Elisabeth Dostert, Thomas Fromm and Michael Kläsgen

In the US it was the Amazon-chief, was perhaps the most significant words for winning the election, Joe Biden’s. Whose victory, according to Jeff Bezos, the Trump-critical Washington Post belongs to, does not show that “unity, empathy and decency are the qualities of a bygone Era”. The Walmart in-chief congratulated the head of a major car praised supplier, and the National Association of Manufacturers, the Association of the manufacturing industry in the United States, to believe, to have a Central pattern was detected: The American voters were not “interested in extreme politics of one side”. Rather, they wanted “a smart, stable, and solution-oriented leadership”.

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