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Exposing the Corruption within Coinone’s Hierarchy

In a somewhat predictable turn of events, a former executive of the esteemed South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, has reportedly confessed to the allegations leveled against him. The charges pertain to accepting bribes for promoting specific virtual coins on the platform. The revelation has sent shockwaves to the financial and tech communities alike.

The Accusation and Admission

The individual at the heart of this scandal, previously Coinone’s director of listing, is known as “Mr. Jeon”. Jeon is accused of receiving a staggering sum of nearly 2 billion won (equivalent to $1.51 million) as a bribe. In return, he listed certain virtual assets, such as the controversial “Furiever Coin,” an exclusive feature on the Coinone exchange platform.

The Furiever Coin has since been linked to a chilling kidnapping and murder investigation in Seoul’s Gangnam district, further deepening the controversy surrounding this case. In this web of deceit, a certain “Mr. Ko”, recognized as Jeon’s broker, is also under scrutiny for allegedly enabling these contentious listings.

During a trial hearing held on May 25, legal representation for the accused stated, “I admit the facts of the prosecution.” This confirmation of the charges denotes a significant development in this ongoing trial, signaling potential consequences for the implicated parties and the broader cryptocurrency sector.

The Defense’s Stance And Its Impact on Coinone

However, the defense team countered with a cautious response. Although acknowledging the facts laid out by the prosecution, they indicated that they had not yet been granted full access to all the evidence related to the case. The defense attorneys promised to provide a comprehensive perspective after thoroughly reviewing the available evidence, subtly hinting at potential discrepancies in the prosecution’s case.

Interestingly, additional members of Coinone’s leadership structure are also facing allegations. Both the leader of the listing team and another broker from Coinone are under suspicion. 

However, their lawyers have issued statements indicating they are still in the process of reviewing evidence. They plan to fully address the charges during the subsequent trial hearing, scheduled for June 15.


This unfolding scandal within Coinone provides a sobering glimpse into the darker side of the cryptocurrency industry. As authorities continue to delve into the situation, how these revelations will impact the global perception of digital assets remains to be seen. 

This situation is a stark reminder of the need for transparency, integrity, and accountability within the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.

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