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EU Parliament decides on agrarian reform: So Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg respond

Agricultural reform in Europe
“Ecological destruction is accelerating” – Thunberg and Neubauer respond to the decision of the EU Parliament

Greta Thunberg (l.) and Luisa Neubauer at a “Fridays for Future”-Demo in Hamburg

© Christian Charisius / DPA

As it is now, the majority for the controversial compromise on the EU agricultural reform. Environmental activists like Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg had previously warned and react to the decision of the EU Parliament in an open letter to disappointed.

The European Parliament has agreed on a Position for the planned billion-dollar EU agricultural reform. A majority of MEPs agreed to a compromise, over the week-long advice had been. The decision provides that, in the future, 30 percent of direct payments for Eco-schemes are to be reserved. However, the Parliament returned the case with the so-called Eco-Schemes behind the back of the Position of the EU member States, was of the nature protection Federation of Germany.

In the proposal of the Parliament, it is provided, furthermore, that four percent of the direct payments for the support of young farmers. Anyone who does not comply with the EU requirements, should be punished to the draft, according to harder: Up to ten percent of claims are to be allowed to be reduced. So far, there are five percent. Further, the Parliament agreed that the EU countries may set higher Standards about animal and environmental protection. Thus, equal conditions of competition should be guaranteed.

Neubauer and Thunberg with Open letter

In an English Open letter five klimakat ivistinnen, including Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg, the decision of the deputies, the, “summarized criticize accelerated the ecological destruction. This was only do is possible thanks to countless lobbyists, as well as news editors and the media companies that have missed their Job – namely, the population on the consequences of the decisions to educate”.

The Chairman of the environment Committee of the European Parliament, Pascal Canfin said on the other hand, the reform package was a good compromise. “The European Parliament has improved the Text considerably.” Norbert Lins from the CDU said: “The Position of the European Parliament for agricultural reform is timely and innovative.” Several members complained about Chaos in the digital conducted votes on the 1900 Amendments. The time plan was amended several times in the short term.

Almost 400 Billion Euros In Agricultural Subsidies

The Agricultural subsidies are the largest Item in the EU Budget and for a large part of the EU greenhouse gas emissions. For the next seven years the EU member States have provided approximately 387 billion euros. The amount of the Agricultural subsidies depends, as before, of the cultivated area of a holding. The Nabu criticized that “From-the-farm-to-fork”concept, or the biodiversity strategy were not taken into account. Among other things, reduction targets for pesticides and antibiotics, up to 2030.

Greenpeace agriculture expert Lasse van Aken said: “Europe’s greatest opportunity to make farming fit for the future, has lost in the European Parliament today negligently.” Under the #VoteThisCAPdown (on German about: “Rejects CAP”) had Thunberg and Neubauer called for, to vote against the Position. They criticize above all, this is not a change to a sustainable agriculture and promotes the extinction event. Now, in the aftermath, you write: “The members of the European Parliament have demonstrated that they understand what is meant by an ecological state of emergency. Empty words, empty advertisements, empty promises are nothing New.”

“The fight is not over yet”

For the Eco-regulations of the EU member States want to could go to a two-year “learning phase” in which the money ultimately back as lump-sum payments to farmers. Specific requirements for the Eco schemes, there is not yet. Luisa Neubauer, who is also a regular for the star writes and Greta Thunberg to terminate, to want to continue against the agrarian reform in its current Form fighting: “you Should take our political leadership to the Reform, we have no Chance to reach the Paris climate goals. But: the Commission may submit Alternatives to these decisions. The fight is not over yet.”

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