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Education package: a Lot of children in Hartz IV households, no-one economy

The education and participation package from the Federal government for the majority of children in the Hartz-IV-house hold, despite some improvements. Only about 15 percent of the pupils up to the age of 14 trips to benefit from the government subsidies of sport associations, lunch, school supplies, or Class. This is evident from an examination of the joint General Association, based on data of the Federal employment Agency and a query at job centers. “The education and participation package and will remain a mess,” said the managing Director of the welfare Association, Ulrich Schneider.

Play a musical instrument learning, a member of a football club or tutoring take – this should also be for children from poorer families, which is about Hartz IV, housing benefit or child allowance. For almost ten years, therefore, the education package and as long the criticism of it. It was introduced by the then Federal labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU).

The new study, which concentrates in the absence of other data on the of the job centers assisted Hartz-IV recipients, now shows: in the low level Of participants has changed numbers from may 2019 to April 2020, compared with the previous year’s result little. In the study even reported “a slight decline in the rates”. The education package referred to Schneider as a “poverty certificate”. The study of the welfare Association, presented for the third Time -the Federal government has published since an evaluation in 2016, no Federal-wide Figures.

The Federal government has improved – has not helped so far, apparently

Actually, one might expect that the number of users is increased. Because 1. August 2019, has improved the Federal government through the “Strong families act”. Thus, the state subsidies for sports and music lessons were increased from 10 to 15 euros a month and for personal school supplies from 100 to 150 euros a year. In addition, the contribution of the parents is no longer around for the free lunch in school or in after-care. And the money for the tuition there can be, even if the transfer is not directly threatened. This but I have “contributed in any way to improve”, does not mean it is in the analysis that were pay to Participate “still woefully low”, wherein the Association to exclude that “changes only later in the course of the occurrence”. Why is money the state gives suppose?

Critics for a Long time, complicated application procedures and high administrative burdens for municipalities, kindergartens, schools or clubs. Not a few families do not approach the car, therefore, seems to be the motions in the first place. Low rates could also be due to the fact that many of the government grants nothing – or there are already free offers, – stated in the investigation.

The joint welfare Association calls for a Long time, to combine social benefits such as child benefit, child allowance, education package, and a children’s allowance in a “Children’s security”. This is to give children from poorer families a better education and life opportunities.

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