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Deutsche Bahn – Powerpoint on Track – economy

Two hours until the next train, and to do something urgently? Who made friends yet at the main station in Berlin, Stra, had trouble to find a quiet place to Work. That should change now. From Monday to Deutsche Bahn commuters and business travelers to offer in the Berlin’s main train station jobs. In the tenth floor of the Bahnhofsbaus with views over the centre of Berlin you can rent a space for a half hour or a whole day.

Who enters, lands in a colourful open-plan office in the style of a Start-up. With the App “every works,” anyone can book one of the 300 jobs to the 1,500-square-meter area. Users get a QR Code and get access to the office rooms in a side wing of the station. Unlike the Lounges of the group, it is not, however, a free offer. Nearly ten Euro per hour for a seat in a chair, at a Desk or in a meeting corner due, inclusive of electricity, Internet and coffee. Is billed according to the minutes, and by credit card.

A meeting room would cost a minimum of 59 Euro per hour, and if you want to book a whole month, pays 650 euros. Spontaneous users can hire between 8.30 and 18.30 h in a square.

For the path of the Berlin’s main train station should be only the beginning. The group wanted to create a Coworking offers in other locations, announces Meike Niedbal, head of sector for Smart-City at the train station, daughter Station & Service. Most recently, the group had tested the concept in Münster. Also in the catchment area of large cities, such an offer was possible, she said.

The railway takes up the new business with some delay. It was originally supposed to be introduced last year. The second attempt was supposed to start in March, but was postponed due to the Corona-measures. Also the new start-up comes at a problematic time. The Corona-crisis has the passenger numbers for the rail to break. Many Employees work from home, travel to fall out. The providers of office space will come under pressure. The railway hopes on a good Start. The Coworking offer is the answer of the railway to changing Agency models. To be able to distance rules to be observed, first of all, rents, however, only about half of the places.

Yet travellers can make use of the so-called DB Lounges to Work. The remain. However, they are intended primarily for residence and customers of the group reserved. The Coworking area is primarily used for Work and is open to all. The plans of the railway for the construction of a Coworking network of Deutsche Bahn were in the fall of 2018, the stations became known. They were the result of a model experiment at the Berlin train station.

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