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Corona and career: “a Lot of managers were on the upswing, more happiness than you thought”

“The Zero Hour”
“In the next year, some companies will go to the wall”

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“A lot of managers were on the upswing, more happiness than you thought,” says Guido Happe. He is the founder of the Board Academy, a network for members of the Supervisory Board and executives. In the Podcast “The Zero hour”, he explains in clear words how Corona has changed our careers.

The Corona-crisis has brought a number of new terms not only in everyday life but also in the management of language – “The New Normal”, for example. Or: “on sight”. For many careers, this crisis is a defining event. It can be an opportunity or a springboard, it can mean a change or turning point, sometimes a break or an abrupt end.

“In this crisis, executives learn in an entirely new light,” said Guido Happe, founder of the Board Academy, a network for Directors and executives, in the new episode of the podcast “The Zero hour” (Capital, n-tv, Stern). “Employees are sensitive, the word choice is important, you have to be careful what they say, communication is more intricate.” Business lead and Board members would have to show a lot more openness, and more Details to communicate, not only define goals, but with new assumptions and scenarios. That is the challenge.

Guido Happe is a human resources consultant, sits even councils in some of the Supervisory and the has on its network, many insights into companies and industries. “I’ve learned a lot of managers are familiar with, the crisis is getting worse,” he said, behind the German economy, a decade of recovery is. “As many managers might have had more luck than you thought.”

The Board Academy was founded in 2009 to professionalize the work in the committees, to occupy members of the Supervisory Board and to improve the exchange between Board members and supervisors. Already in the spring of Happe had criticized that many managers hide “behind the Corona-crisis” and you would use it as a “tactical door”. It is important now to sit the entire Organisation is behind questions, not only of the processes and whether the right employees in the right place.

In many companies, with Supervisory boards, management boards, but also in the case of the shareholders Bite still observed “a great strain”. “In the first quarter of next year, my expectation are to many companies to the wall,” he said. “Too many companies still work with scenarios, but with the hope that everything is soon past and try to come out financially on rounds.”

In the case of hear you now is the new episode of “The Zero hour” directly Audio Now, Apple or Spotify or via Google.

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