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BTCBullDog Token Sets To Launch On Ethereum Network After Introducing Auto-Staking NFT Collections, BTCBullDog Dapp

Preparations are in top gear for the launching of BTCBullDog, one of the fastest-growing digital currencies on the Ethereum network. BTCBullDog made a landmark entry (launched) on the BSC network in February 2022 with a great All Time High which investors benefitted hugely from.

The upcoming extension to the Ethereum network was already planned to bring more juicy utilities that would benefit the existing and new investors, and also further strengthen the project. This is coming barely a few weeks after the hard-working and experienced BTCBullDog Team headed by Sergiu Filip presented Auto-staking eye-watering art NFT Collections and BTCBullDog Dapp.

The BTCBullDog team https://www.btcbulldog.io/team in a press statement made available to journalists on March 17, 2023, said the project (BTCBullDog token) was created for investors to maximize passive income for all users through various crypto technologies.

The statement explained that BTCBullDog`s Smart Contract was designed to reward holders with 4% BTC rewards and 4% Bitdog reflections from every transaction made. According to the statement, Investors will have to hold the token and receive passive income. It said the Contract was created with an intelligent distributor that will sell for Rewards only when it reaches a threshold and hence cannot be manipulated.

Read the excerpt of the Press Release:

We are developing a cryptocurrency ecosystem for end-users as a platform module utilizing leverage cutting-edge technology, merged with synergy between multiple systems. We foresee the future of Defi and Blockchain Technology as an accessible, user-friendly, and secure environment where every individual is unrestricted to participate, having peace of mind concerning their investments. Furthermore, to innovate passive income in the Crypto Industry and enhance security with project solutions that will provide efficiency, quality, and transparency mirrored in released developments and results.

We designed our Smart Contract to reward our holders with 4% BTC rewards and 4% Bitdog reflections from every transaction made. So, Investors will have to hold our token and receive passive income. We created the Contract with an intelligent distributor that will sell for Rewards only when it reaches a threshold, so it cannot be manipulated.

Once the Contract sells, it will send the BNB to our Distributor and will be held there until investors start claiming using our Dashboard. Then, when holders start claiming their rewards and reflections, the Distributor will buy BTC (Binance Pegged Bitcoin) and BitDog Tokens, triggering an army of buybacks on our chart.

BTCBullDog was audited by Third Party for extra assurance and security, we are presenting The BitDog Ecosystem through our innovative BTC reward Protocol. Always considering our investors, we have developed the BitDog Platform to minimize frictions and barriers encountered by individuals and professionals looking to adopt crypto.


 The future of Utility NFTs is here!

Mint a BitDog-NFT and enjoy royalties from all NFT collections as WBTC and BitDog ETH (as soon as the token launches).

An innovative and unique Contract Developed by CryptoBatmanBSC will give the NFTs the glimmer they deserve. So, enjoy them by keeping them in your wallet and receive Passive Income or have fun and trade them.

With tremendous experience in design, the artist DarkLurker created these NFTs to enhance your visual experience and imagination.


Every development added to our massive Ecosystem will have its main attribute to serve as a passive income generator for all our investors.

NFT Games, Blockchain, and even a CEX will be created to feed our distributors for our holders to claim rewards for supporting the project making the perfect relationship between business and investors.

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Telegram: https://t.me/btcbulldogofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btc_bulldog

Website: https://www.btcbulldog.io/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BTCbulldog.official


Name: Nep-Phil Limited

Website: http://nepphil.com/

Contact: [email protected]

Contact Person: Mr. Philip Nonso Isiguzo

Mobile Contact: +2347045142020


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