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BluePMG – The Tread To A Great Global Web3 Product

Blockchain technology is quickly being adopted by mainstream industries and was adopted years ago by global leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, JP Morgan, and Walmart. The continued development of blockchain technology has revolutionized the opportunities for global commerce and attracted the attention of many. Blue PMG recognized this trend and dedicated a team to focus their efforts and resources on studying the emerging technology sector and these opportunities.
>As the years have moved forward the rising demand to implement  new software solutions requires thoughtful expertise to cater to all of the technical needs for such adoption, implementation and migration.  BluePMG is rising to the call to action for leaders in the technology industry, providing important insight and consulting services that are revolutionizing the global commerce communication network, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and AR.VR.XR all the emerging technologies of Web3.

The concept of “Web3” is the next generation of our global internet infrastructure. Moving from a network that was designed in a centralized format to one that is decentralized, a true public world wide web experience where each individual owns their assets and interacts with third party services freely. A true free market. The migration to the next generation of the internet is not a maybe, just a when and who will be leading the space for thoughtful guidance and design for end user products and solutions. The Blue PMG team has stepped up as leaders, bringing the combined experiences of decades in technology, infrastructure, design, marketing, branding and commerce to help clients become educated and implement solutions to solve problems. They lead the industry by staying at the head of the latest developments in security, features, network and communication developments. The team is dedicated to making the transition from Web2 to Web3 a seamless and profitable experience for our clients and for the consumer base they serve.

Early leaders and adopters of the next generation of the internet have the advantage to fulfill a mission that will help to effect global change in commerce, and social experience of services, defi, decentralized transaction and ownership of assets and currency exchange. The early adopters of this movement stand to have the most to gain. Blue PMG leads their clients in this opportunity with thoughtful solutions and design.

Leading clients through emerging technology solutions means putting the clients best interest first always. The BluePMG team is working across several industries, Music, Art, Real Estate, Retail, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, to aid in the seamless introduction and releases of emerging technology solutions around the world.



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