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“Black Friday” in a different way: At Ikea you can sell soon, your old furniture

“Buyback Friday” instead of “Black Friday”: At Ikea, you can sell it soon, your old furniture

© IKEA Germany / André Grohe

While everywhere else in the country at the 27. November on the occasion of “Black Friday” prices, will give Ikea customers a different way to save money: you can sell your old furniture back to the furniture store.

27. November 2020 is likely to be strokes, when one or other of the already thick in the calendar. Either because he or she is to this day, the holiday has taken, and the wallet in the attack in the city centre, the car wants to, or because before this Friday, all purchases done must be, in order for you to no case only in the vicinity of a business must. Because: On 27. November is Black Friday.

While many other stores offer that day, completely insane Deals and the customer will be at war with sometimes unfair means to each other between the shelves, the furniture-giant Ikea thought of this year, a different concept: the “Buyback Friday”. 21. November to 6. December can be offered to bring clients here unloved furniture back into the houses, where these discounted prices once more in the treasure trove. In return, the customers receive vouchers value. “We want to extend the life of our furniture pieces and responsibly with limited resources,” says Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna, Sustainability Manager of Ikea Germany, said in a press release.

The “Buyback Friday” should be worth the sale

It is not “wool deliberately encourage Impulse buying”, the customers a little later might regret this, but point out that “things you no longer need yourself, can be for someone else to be of great Benefit”.

The concept of second Chance furniture is Ikea, not a new one. For quite some time, the furniture store buys old, still usable furniture again, to share in the treasure trove of new owners. But the “Buyback Friday” to customers are for this purpose, an additional incentive is given, so that’s a sales incentive, instead of a buying incentive, which is why the regular redemption price will be raised to 20 percent. For a Billy-shelf customer could therefore expect a value voucher of 20 Euro.

Source: Press Release Ikea

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