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Black Friday 2020: The best (early) offers

Deal Event
Black Friday 2020: Amazon advertises the first (early) Offered

Black Friday takes place each year on the last Friday in October

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Under the Motto “in the past, shopping, earlier relax” starts Amazon next Deal Event: Up to 19. November, customers will have the opportunity to do Christmas shopping – and save vigorously. With up to 40% discount, you agreed to the online shop on the upcoming Black Friday.

Black Friday takes place each year after Thanksgiving, the American thanksgiving,: so 27. November 2020. The Event is known worldwide and is considered by many as the official start date of the Christmas season. Which does not necessarily mean that you can buy in advance, no gifts (at a discount), quite the contrary: Large online retailers such as Amazon to advertise with early Black Friday Offers, so you have enough time to do your Christmas shopping from home. Until the 19th century. November you can choose between daily changing Offers of different categories (for example, PC, toys, kitchen and household) and up to 40 percent saving. As a Prime customer, you can enjoy even more benefits.

Amazon Prime: The advantages at a glance

Basically, the “Early-Black-Friday-deals” from Amazon are accessible to everyone. However, Prime members have the advantage that they can access the so-called lightning deals (which are only sold for a short time, cheap and quickly) for 30 minutes rather than customers without a subscription. In addition, you have to pay for the millions of (Prime)products no shipping and your orders are even still on the same day, if an item has the “Same-Day-delivery”. Among the other advantages, of which Amazon customers benefit in principle, the following:

  • Purchase on account: Amazon customers can buy products on the invoice and must pay only in the next month.
  • Extended Return Deadlines: All of the items to 31. December will be shipped, up to the 31. January 2021 will be returned.
  • Free Delivery: New customers ordering for the first Time articles on Amazon.de save in the case of the first delivery of the shipping costs.

And one more tip:
If you still have not entered into any Prime membership, you can use the subscription at any time 30 days free trial and after the free period to cancel. Otherwise, it will not cost the membership a month 7,99 Euro. For this, you will enjoy this (in addition to the above) benefits:

  1. You can stream movies and TV shows unlimited
  2. You can borrow eBooks for free
  3. You can listen to two million Songs for free
  4. You can have unlimited storage space for photos
  5. You can selected Friday games of the 1. Football League see

Early-Black-Friday-deals: The first deal

Bluetooth Headphones wireless In-Ear with Built-in MIC, 15 hour runtime, IPX5 Water proof, Sport earphones-BL-020. Here’s the Deal.

ZWILLING knife Set, 3-tlg., Spiking-/Garni Knife, Meat Knife, Chef’s Knife, Rust-Free Special Steel/Plastic Handle. Here’s the Deal.

WMF Lono, a Sandwich Makerfor 2 in Standard or XXL-toast, 2-stage height adjustment for more filling. Here’s the Deal.

Kindle with a built-in front light for reading for indoors and outdoors, day and night, with 167 ppi Display without the mirror effects. Here’s the Deal.

Dream Beautiful Beaver Bed Linen 135×200 2pcs | winter bedding 135×200 100% cotton | Fluffy bedding. Here’s the Deal.

Where does the name “Black Friday”?

Not only the Event, but the naming comes from the United States: There, the Black Friday is celebrated primarily in the shops, while it takes place in Germany, amplified online. But what the two terms actually stand? There are various theories – the most famous is that of the sales on the day are so high that most of the Shop operators are in the black. When the Black Friday was officially introduced, is not known. Rumor has it, however, that the term in the 60s for the first Time, use was made of it.

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