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Automobile gizmos: Travel like James Bond – economic

Aston Martin the Bond car from “Goldfinger”, with so many Bond Gadgets as possible. This is escapism to the German TÜV.

The times are hard. Democracy, freedom, the economy – everything seems to be in danger, since the nasty Virus is spreading around the Globe. So it’s high time for a hero, for saving the world. Like the one that Sean Connery, at the time, 1964, when he defeated as an Agent of her Majesty (which was at the time Elizabeth II.) the century-villain Goldfinger.

Connery is now 89 and is part of the high-risk group. As a Corona-Hero he is. His secret Co-star of the time, the silver Aston Martin DB 5: would be a dream car with lethal equipment. Machine guns, ejector seat, Oil – and smoke launchers, radar detection, radio-telephone. How fitting that the troubled British manufacturer Aston Martin has launched its classics just in a small series. 25 pieces will be built, with so many Bond Gadgets as possible and at a price equivalent to more than three million euros. All of the cars were already sold, it says.

But they can be really saving? Pretty much any family-box carries now has satellite tracking, vulgo: Navi, as well as each member of the family today, his own radio phone in the pocket. The parts work differently than in the Original car really. Otherwise, though, the agent equipment works in the new-old Aston, as they would rather from a YpsBook because from the workshop of the chief tinkerers Q: Instead of cartridges in the .30 caliber machine firing guns only flashes of light, instead of Oil promise, the nozzles of the cracks at the rear, only water, and the passenger ejector seat from the Original don’t exist. So what would be today, simply by the TÜV. James Bond could be at the time, no matter.

Real heroes just do not build them. It is only in the Original, and you have to wait, until you meet a. So like last year: Since the last real DB 5 went away from “Goldfinger” at an auction in the USA for the equivalent of 5.75 million euros. The escape from the bleak present has its price.

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