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HomeBusinessArmed to slaughterhouses: Union calls for exceptions for grilled sausage-manufacturers

Armed to slaughterhouses: Union calls for exceptions for grilled sausage-manufacturers

Armed to slaughterhouses
Union calls for exceptions for grilled sausage-manufacturers

Employees of a slaughterhouse, the work on the Assembly line. Photo: Mohssen assani Moghaddam/dpa

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This year, the Christmas roast can be under the existing conditions in the German meat industry produced. Is increased for the production of meat and sausages in the new year, the protection of workers?

Union and the SPD continue to argue the proposed law against exploitation in slaughterhouses. The Union requested exceptions, the proposed strict rules, the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) to the mass of Corona infections in the meat industry is set up.

It is mainly temporary work for the increased production of sausages in the barbecue season. The SPD wants the law according to its own information, do not dilute. A conclusion in the Bundestag in November seems to be unlikely.

The appropriate labor protection control law that wanted to adopt the coalition actually already in the Bundestag, to the industry 1. January a ban on contracts prescribe. Three months later, the coalition wants to allow a ban on temporary Agency work there follow. So it had been decided by the Federal Cabinet.

Exceptions are already provided for, with the exception of meat enterprises with up to 49 employees. The Association of the meat industry, however, had criticized certain wage battle or branded meat programs, partnerships of businesses and community enterprises would be made through the law is impossible.

Now the CDU labor market expert Peter White said: “We want the use of foreign personnel in the core business of the meat industry, namely the slaughtering, cutting and Processing, regulate.” Self-commitments are not implemented correctly, the existing law has not been observed changes. “From the point of view of many members that the Situation on the ground know well, but it needs to be a flexible approach to work tips more possible.” In medium-sized companies go, it’s a threatening order peaks, and bottlenecks. The SPD reject “each of our compromise offers”.

The SPD Faction leader Rolf Mützenich noted: The Union group is asking for an opening clause in the Agency. “I very much regret that this Blockade continues.” The SPD-to-peak, Vice Chancellor and Olaf Scholz, and the group wanted to continue to hold on only to the prohibition of contracts for work and services, but also temporary Agency work. To talk to have made the SPD.

According to the newspaper “The world” calls for the Union group, especially, that it is the meat-processing industry such as sausage manufacturers in the barbecue season in the summer, continue to be permitted to employ temporary workers. Otherwise, bought consumers cheaper BBQ sausage from foreign production. “It’s just one point,” it said on Wednesday evening from the Union group.

The Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) said the “world”: “The meat industry has in the past found ways to make bad working conditions to the business model. This has to stop. Job tips for example through working time accounts or other instruments to reduce. The draft improves the working conditions in the meat industry, and can not be delayed.”

Now could measure a forces until shortly before Christmas come. In the Union group, said that a degree in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, it should be in the week of 14. December possible, so that the law of the 1. January can enter into force.

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