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Amazon: Awkward mistake at the Launch of the Swedish-speaking Website

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Embarrassing mishaps: Amazon make a fool of himself at the Launch of the Swedish-speaking Website

For the Launch of the Swedish Amazon Website, the group reaped the first users of scorn and derision

© Amir Nabizadeh/ TT NEWS AGENCY / Picture Alliance

On Wednesday, the US shipping company, Amazon also went on in Sweden with an own site at the Start – however, among other things, some embarrassing translation errors ran the group as the first user stated.

US online giant Amazon on Wednesday, with a own site in Sweden at the Start. The Launch went anything but smoothly: The first users were writing quickly on a number of legal and translation errors are funny – so want to read about instead of the correct Translation of the word faucet is a term that been in the Swedish actually male genitalia describes. As, among other things, the “mirror” reported, was for the Launch temporarily also not the Swedish, but the Argentine flag depicted on the Website.

The chief of the competitors price runner, Nicklas Storakers, called the Start completely “messed up”. He stressed to the Portal “Breakit” missing opening bargain. The Sweden can be ordered for years from Amazon in Germany or the UK.

Trade expert speaks of the “Amazon Light”

Amazon advertises, in Sweden, 150 million products from 30 different categories to deliver. Trade expert Daniel Schmidt of the Danske Bank, however, criticized the offer in relation to the Swedish news Agency TT, he called it “Amazon light”. Schmidt said that in Sweden, Amazon will not be as dominant as in the USA, Germany or the UK: “It is different to enter in Sweden in the year 2020, the market, as in Germany or England 20 years ago.”

Sources: AFP, “mirror”

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