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Home News Alfonso Merlos, what has been the partner most controversial of 2020?

Alfonso Merlos, what has been the partner most controversial of 2020?

29/06/2020 Alfonso Merlos during a day of efforts by the Spanish capital wearing his unmistakable style


Alfonso Merlos was one of the co-workers who never missed a round in the television programs that dealt with the present and, above all, politics. Since he made public his break with Marta López and started to speak of him, for all the sets, the tertullian disappeared from the screen and we have not gone back to see What has happened to your life?

After his break with the collaborator, Alfonso began a romantic relationship with Alexia Rivas, there were several times that we were able to see proclaiming your love to the four winds, but as with everything in this life, are ended.

A few weekends, it was Juan Luis Galiacho, one of the partners with more years on their backs in these profession, who claimed that Alfonso Merlos continued to work -not with the same intensity as before – in the bar and in addition, he directed a medium of communication.

In this way, we know that the contributor is still active in the world of communication, but does not have the profits than before, because it became one of the pundits most demanded by the programs, and from that originated the scandal, we have not gotten to see on television.

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